12 Days of Brows

A collage of various brow trends

Eyebrows are the biggest beauty trend of this decade; I’m telling you people will pay anything for a good brow service/product, they are the ‘nipples of the face’ of course!

In the UK the beauty industry is worth over £17 billion, not to mention by 2020 it is predicted worldwide be worth an insane $675 billion! I can’t pretend like a majority of that is from my bank account. What’s right is right, right?!

Check out our hella’ festive ’12 Days of Brows’ list to try for the 12 days leading up to Christmas 2019. If you’re not already festive, no.12 will blow your not-so-festive socks off.

Bushy/natural everyday brows

Day 1 – Bushy/natural everyday

Easy and fool-proof; just brush those beauties upwards with some tinted brow gel, and you have the Cara Delavigne look down to a T.

Arched brows

Day 2- Arched

Draw your brows in a little higher than where the natural brow arches – your left with some sassy statement insta-worthy brows.

Kendall Jenner brows

Day 3 – Kendall

KJ has super natural straight brows, try drawing hair like strokes in the direction of hair growth with a thin brow pencil for a full yet soft look.

Wax & tint brows

Day 4 – Wax & tint

Brows feeling overgrown? A wax and tint is going to really define that shape and make it look like they’re filled in without make up! Five minutes extra snooze in the morning...

‘Out out’ bushy brows

Day 5 – ‘Out out’ bushy

Sassy and trendy look? Follow days one and three, then carve out that bottom line with concealer to make those eyebrows snatched.

Glitter brows - Level 1

Day 6 – Glitter level 1

Time to step this up a notch; Keep them nice and natural like day 1 but add a glitter liner underneath the bottom line for some extra glam and a lil’ sparkle.

Ombre brows

Day 7 – Ombre

OK, time to move the heck along from block brows! Try a lighter shade at the front and slightly darker on the tail for dreamy sleek brows.

Lamination brows

Day 8 - Lamination

Freshest trend out there right now! Want thicker brows? Lamination will semi-permanently give you brushed up soap brows. OH YES HONEY.

Glitter brows - Level 2

Day 9 - Glitter level 2

Try this one up from glitter level 1. Mix together some clear brow gel with glitter, and brush through your sparkle gel over the entire brow. Shine your torch over those glistening beauties and prepare to be amazed.

Insta brows

Day 10 – Insta brows

Fill in your brows as normal, but you best carve out the edges with concealer for those crisp to perfection honeys.

Micro-blading brows

Day 11 – Micro-blading

A HUGE trend right now! Micro blading is fab to bring those thin and sparse brows back to life on a semi-permanent basis.

Hell yeah its crimbo tree brows

Day 12 – Hell yeah its crimbo tree brows

By far the most exciting look I mean come on! Use clear brow gel and separate chunks of hair off to either side of the brow to create the tree, then add some rhinestones for the ornaments. Better throw on that star too.

Words by Sophie Smiler

Graphics by Araceli Alonso

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