An Interview with Jay Deau: New York, London, Milan, Paris And... Cuticles

Jacqueline Do (known in the business as Jay Deau), is the woman who jets from fashion week to fashion week creating the nail looks with a team we see swishing their way down the runways of the fashion elite talks to us about everything from what the next big nail trend is, to the priciest manicure she’s given.

What’s been your favourite show so far?

I think the Moschino show, they’re always so amazing and creative. But a personal goal for me was the Chanel show.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work from?

My inspiration comes from my travels, all the culture, where I come from and what I see. I just went to India for example and it was so colourful. Or if I’m backstage at a show I look at the collection, the colours, what is in that season.

What’s been your craziest design so far?

One time I was asked to paint the ‘Dragon Ball Z’ characters in a very short period of time. Nowadays though nothing’s that crazy anymore, its more about challenges, but I like challenges! Everything is possible; pearls, long nails, crystals. Something that was cool but also very challenging was what we did for Marc Jacobs where we used the fabric from the collection on the nails.

What do you predict is the next big nail craze?

The French is already making a comeback. What's really coming back is the really 90s vibe really long French also those 90s vibe swirly Flowers are making a comeback.

Meet Aliyah Rianna Johnson, the Nail Artist Who Has Gone From Celebs to Custom Press-Ons

Before lockdown she was painting the paws on the likes of Camilla Cabello, Bebe Rexha and H.E.R. But, in the face of adversity, Aliyah Rianna Johnson has decided to put her skills to good use and bless us with salon quality talons at home, sending hand-crafted custom designed press on nails right to your front doors! Aliyah’s entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and positivity is allowing not just herself, but anyone nail obsessed to not only to survive in lockdown but to thrive! We realise a lot of you die-hard acrylic nail fans out there might be slightly reluctant to enter the stick-on nail world. So we had a chat with the person behind the press-ons that give you the ‘salon look’ without the salon. Here’s what she had to say!

What advice would you give for maintaining press-ons?
The main thing that’s going to prevent them staying on for a long time, is if you have oily nails. If your nail bed is quite oily, the glue can only hold onto it for so long. If you’ve got a rougher, dryer surface they’ll stay on longer. In the packs that I send out to people, I include alcohol pads which you wipe your nails with first to dehydrate them.  I also include a nail-buff bar, which you can lightly scratch the surface with. The once you’ve dusted that off, I also include cuticle sticks, because one thing people do when they put on press-on nails is they end up putting them on the edge of the cuticle, and then if you get water that goes into there, they’re going to lift of quicker than you have them on to enjoy them. With the cuticle sticks, you push your cuticles back to give you a nice area which you can place the nail into and then press it down with the glue on. 

What’s the safest way to remove them without damaging your nails?

Obviously, you attach them with glue. So, the one thing you don’t want to do is pull them off. Because that’s going to damage your nail. If you had extensions put in your hair, you wouldn’t just rip them out. With nails, it’s the same process. You have to be careful and take time with them. The best way you can take them off without damaging your nails is to get some warm soapy water, keep your hands in it for about 10 minutes, and swish them around, and you’ll be able to ease the nails off. 

Nail Trends

by Ella Winfield

No matter what anyone tells you, there is no better feeling than walking out the nail salon with a set of ten fresh talons. Newfound confidence comes over you as you take pride in doing the most mundane of tasks. Even paying for something becomes bearable as you open your purse at the checkout, slowly flexing your newly extended colourful fingers, waiting for the ‘oh my god I love your nails’ to come out the cashier’s mouth. Typing long emails, pushing the button for the lift, folding clothes all become an excuse for admiring what god couldn’t give you, but the nail salon could. Anyway, you get the point- short, long, bold or subtle, life is just better with a set of nails that express who you are.


This nail trend is making our least favourite subject in school a lot more bearable. Mix up the trend and use different textures like gems and stickers to create the shapes.


Modern, individual and versatile. Bring out the editorial hand model we know you have in you and top your nails with tips as transparent as the look on your face when the cashier tells you the dress you want isn’t in the sale.

The 'French Manicure' Makeover

A 90s throwback, but with a twist. Top your nails with any colour you desire, pastels, neon’s, the world is your oyster; long gone are the days of pastel pink nail-beds topped with a startlingly white tip.

All That Glitters

Whether you keep this trend classy with a light scattering of glitter on one finger, or you are more of a ‘go hard or go home’ type of girl and cover every inch of each nail in diamantes, it would be rude not to try this trend; after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 


Nude nails are nice, but if that’s your go-to nail look, this trend probably isn’t for you. Think of your nails as the canvas, and you as the artist and just go wild.

Daring to be Different
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