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11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Yes, Knitted Vest’s Are Here To Stay!

11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Yes, Knitted Vest’s Are Here To Stay!

The knitted vest had its comeback a while ago and it’s not going anywhere just yet. Famous designer brands, as well as fast fashion brands, have been introducing us to different designs, styles and colours of knitted vests for the A/W 2021 season.

While it might seem impossible to style the knitted vest, it’s actually very easy to make the vest look fashionable. But in case you are still struggling, we have picked several looks that will make you fall in love with the knitted vest for this season.

A cropped argyle knitted vest can worn as a crop top for days when you don’t have enough time to style an outfit. Simple and cute.

A beige knitted vest can easy turn into a sweater dress. Matching beige vest with white shirt and white knee high boots is a go-to look for this autumn.

Or you can ditch the white shirt underneath and go with a white knitted vest as a dress.

For a more sophisticated and stylish look a brighter coloured vest can be worn over a shirt with a bigger collar. Not only does it look more expensive, but it also creates a nice detail to the outfit.

A black or white lace top styled with the same colour knitted vest can become a great look for a night out.

There are plenty of knitted vests to choose from but the colourful ones must be the best choice for those who like their wardrobe to stay simple and minimalistic. A more colourful and playful vest can really bring life to a minimalistic outfit.

The knitted vest is great addition for those who like a more relaxed style as an oversized knitted vest can help to achieve a careless yet stylish outfit.

A vey cropped bright coloured knitted vest with a pair of jeans is a must have for September when it’s still quite warm.

We already know how trendy signs, quotes and logos are this year. It’s not any different when it comes to knitted vest. Letters, logos, signs on the vest make the outfit more fun and exciting. It also gives such a street style vibe to the outfit.

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