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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Wow, Poker Straight Hair is Back For Summer

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Wow, Poker Straight Hair is Back For Summer

Stop everything: It’s time to dig out the straighteners and pack away the heated rollers. Summers easiest trend is back for the season and (drum roll…) it’s the return of the poker straight noughties hair. 

We are seeing a resurgence of this thanks to celebrity powerhouses such as Lila Moss (who sported the trend on the cover of June’s issue of British Vogue) Hailey Bieber and Maya Jama who swapped her natural curls for straight hair at The Brits. When we think about it, the noughties are having a bit of a moment as we witness Y2K Beauty and retro highlights making an unexpected comeback – you know what they say – trends go in a 20-year cycle. 

We digress. What’s brilliant about this style is literally anyone can do it, no matter what texture your hair is. All you need is a tool. 

Well, in theory. A hair straightener is a bare minimum, otherwise, your hair won’t stay straight for long. First and foremost it’s worth investing in a good heat protection spray to help stave off those split ends. We would recommend the Cantu Shea Butter Thermal Shield Heat Protect for extra nourishment, which is also budget-friendly.

If you’re not digging out your GHD’s from their heyday, there are now cordless straightener options(!) Dyson do an unreal pair (but they are nearly 400 quid) so if you don’t feel like dropping an obscene amount of cash try the Conair Unbound Cordless Titanium Multi-Styler. Their cordless, have 4 heat settings and can easily fit in your handbag.

Finally, sleek down that do with some nourishing argan oil. You’re done! Just bring an umbrella with you wherever you go because, you know, British summer. 

Words By Rosina Findlay


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