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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Who Said Fashion And Gaming Don’t Mix? Balenciaga X Fortnite Prove Otherwise

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Who Said Fashion And Gaming Don’t Mix? Balenciaga X Fortnite Prove Otherwise

Epic Games recently announced their collaboration with Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna Gvasalia to create a collection of virtual in-game looks, along with matching physical garments available to purchase. Between September 21st and 28th, fans can unlock two free collaboration skins in-game as long as they complete Shady Doggo’s challenges, further skins for characters are also available to purchase via the Item Shop.

Video game collaborations have become a popular choice for artists, musicians, and now fashion houses. In 2020, Travis Scott performed a live concert to an audience of 12 million amid a global lockdown, via Fortnite, whilst Lil Nas X took to the online kids game, Roblox, to perform to an accumulative audience of 33 million.

Gaming platforms allow participants to experience the thrill of live performances – literally larger than life artists, dystopian and fantasy settings unimaginable in reality, and a live community of audience members are all achievable via video game. During Covid, we became accustomed to living in a digital world – as we are now exiting lockdown, we have learnt the convenience of virtual events, the accessibility of the internet, and the new audiences which can be reached globally through online platforms.

Virtual fashion shows were the only access to collections for a whole year, with designers like, Hanifa, raising expectations of how we expect garments to be presented. For Fall 2021, Balenciaga even released their collection in the form of a walk-through video game, called ‘The Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow’. Recently, Louis Vuitton also entered the gaming world for the house’s 200-year celebration.In, ‘Louis the Game’, the player embarks on an adventure to collect candles to commemorate the birthday of Louis Vuitton, whilst also having to opportunity to obtain real-life NFTs from the digital artist, Beeple.

Like many brands who had to adjust to this new reality after the effects of Covid, Demna’s Balenciaga is making waves in couture, streetwear, music, and now, gaming. It is truly a designer house constantly reinventing, proving that fashion is a boundless endeavour and there is much we can expect when clothing is included in collaborations with other creative platforms.

Shop Balenciaga x Fortnite Here:

Words by Caitlin Sahin

Photo Credit: FORTNITE©2021 X Balenciaga


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