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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team What We’ve Learnt From The Metaverse’s First Fashion Week

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

What We’ve Learnt From The Metaverse’s First Fashion Week

We’ve all dreamed of sitting front row at Dolce and Gabbana, able to revel in the delights of high fashion garments and extravagant after-parties, but few of us imagined we’d make that dream a reality in the digital realm. This week, the metaverse gave everyone a chance to experience the chic fashion week experience, without the burden of private invitations and long commutes, at Decentraland’s first-ever fashion week.

Over 55 labels showcased collections across the four-day digital event; some of which will be available to purchase as NFTs (unique digital assets). While the digital event is innovative and exciting, we know what you’re thinking, what good are garments if I can’t wear them? And while we’ve all pondered the usefulness of digital fashion, this event gave us the ultimate opportunity to express our inner fashionista. From social stigmas to the issue of overdressing, the physical world is full of reasons we can’t wear what we want everyday, but in the digital world, what’s to stop our avatars wearing a flashy two piece on a random Wednesday? Decentraland’s creative director Sam Hamilton said people “dress much more outrageous in the metaverse” – going to show there’s no such thing as overdressing in Decentraland.

The designers showcased at the digital fashion week ranged from world renowned names like, Elie Saab to, emerging designers like The Imitation of Christ. These labels engaged in inspiring panel talks, gallery showings, and even after parties- talk about an authentic experience! Tommy Hilfiger is among the brands with the biggest involvement in the digital event, featuring a digital showcase 3D replicas of Hilfiger’s signature silhouettes, the label said they’re “inspired by the power of technology and are looking forwards to exploring new consumer channels”, going to show this event is as new and raw for the designers as for us.

And, for the shopaholics among us, online shopping takes on a whole new meaning at the event, as Selfridges launches its first ever metaverse department store in collaboration with Paco Rabanne. The department store has been majorly involved in the fashion industry’s digital development after launching physical NFTs in their stores this year; the chain store is dedicated to promoting the benefits of making fashion digital. Even if shopping and styling aren’t your thing, the films and panel talks featuring the likes of Chanel and Lanvin at the CashLabs Space mean there’s something to entertain everyone at the digital event.

The fashion week is like no other in terms of accessibility- opening up the fashion industry to anyone who wants to be involved- attending the event is as simple as joining the metaverse as a guest. Not to mention the lack of waste produced by the digital fashion week. The average fashion week generates up to 48,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and as the digital fashion week generates 100% less waste, it could be the solution to the industry’s most pressing issue.

The benefits of the digital event are endless, it could be the biggest leap towards reducing the exclusivity and unsustainability of the fashion industry. Decentraland’s Fashion Week was a once in a life time experience; the future of fashion.

Words By Olivia Booth

Graphic: Gerasim Kutsarov


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