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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team We’ve Got July’s Binge Watching List Ready For You

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

We’ve Got July’s Binge Watching List Ready For You

Concerning the latest releases, the debut of July may be overshadowed by Stranger Thing’s intense season 4 finale, and if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for we’ve come up with a few more exciting options that delve into trapped stories full of mysteries and suspense. If you’re looking to laugh instead, there are plenty of other options this month. From Boo, Bitch on Netflix to new seasons of some of the most popular reality TV like Love Island, already airing for a bit now. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video has The Terminal List starring Chris Pratt, which is sure to be a hit. Browse this list to see what else makes up the best new shows to stream on Netflix, Prime, Disney +, and more this month. 

Boo, Bitch (Netflix)

After shining in “To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved,” Lana Condor returns to Netflix with a new series Boo, Bitch that looks hilarious from the trailer; Boo, Bitch follows a high school senior named Erika Vu, who has lived life as a wallflower for most of her high school experience. Then, one day, Erika and her best friend Gia decide they want to be seen and live their life to the fullest before graduation. This leads them to engage in a wild night out, but Erika wasn’t expecting her night of fun to end with her becoming a ghost.

Manifest (Netflix)

If you are into suspenseful, sci-fi TV series this one is for you! Manifest is a mix of Lost and 4400.Montego Flight 828 to New York disappears off the radar without a trace, only to reappear five years later without explanation. For the 191 passengers on board, no time has passed. But for their loved ones, those five years were a trying time…

When they land, the passengers and crew learn from the NSA that more than five and a half years have passed, during which time they were presumed dead. As they reintegrate into society, the passengers begin to realise that their lives – and their loved ones – are not the same as before. They also begin to experience guiding voices and hallucinations.

Ms Marvel (Disney +)

This new Disney show freshly out from Marvel Studios follows the life of a young teenager living in Jersey City,  Kamala Khan. An avid video game fan and insatiable fan fiction writer, she loves superheroes, who fire her imagination (especially Captain Marvel). But she struggles to fit in at home and at school until she discovers she has superpowers similar to those of her heroes. Disney and Marvel tap into diversity and inclusivity as it is the first show with a Muslim-female lead as a superhero. 

The Terminal List ( Prime)

Prime Video kicks off the month with The Terminal List on July 1. In this action thriller, Christ Pratt will portray James Reece, a Navy SEAL who returns home after his team is ambushed on a covert mission only to discover that the threat might still persist. Based on the Jack Carr novel of the same name, Reece (Pratt) and his platoon are ambushed while on a mission, but upon his return home, he isn’t quite sure about the way he remembers the events and whether he actually hadanything to do with them or not. As he struggles to regain the right memories, Reece realizes that there are people working against him, and he must do whatever it takes to protect both himself and his family.

Anything’s Possible (Prime)

Here comes a fresh, relevant queer love story. The first Billy Porter-directed film Anything’s Possible premieres on July 22 is a coming-of-age tale about a high school boy crushing on his trans classmate. The film follows the humorous, delicate, and passionate love story between cisgender boy Khal and transgender girl Kelsa. Unfortunately, obstacles stand in their way, as Kelsa’s friend also vies for Khal and not everyone at their school is accepting of the queer relationship. These trials don’t stop Kelsa from chasing after what she wants–Khal, love, and happiness. Anything’s Possible will be released for streaming on Amazon Prime Video on July 22, 2022.

Words By Melodie Bitala-Samba

Header Image: Netflix, Boo Bitch


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