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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team We’re Ready To Upgrade Our Prints Collection This Spring

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

We’re Ready To Upgrade Our Prints Collection This Spring

One of the major trends hitting the fashion world this season is the big and bold print. Big prints can often seem quite intimidating and it can be a challenge to figure out what other clothes to style them with but, with the right level of confidence, any print can be rocked to absolute perfection! To give a little bit of inspo though, we’ve gathered together eight bold prints worn by some of the biggest stars and influencers to show just how fun this trend can be!

Kendall Jenner

Kendall wears a super cool blue print for her outfit in this photo, with the print itself evoking vibes of the ocean due to its cool blue colour palette which couldn’t be more fitting for the season. The print on the dress is eye-catching without being overbearing, and because the mini dress is the only clothing being worn there’s no clashing either.


It’s impossible to go wrong with monochrome of any kind, and that extends to print! Black and white is an eternally stylish colour combo and this print especially takes that stylish and classy nature to a whole new level. The houndstooth styled print is edgy and cool and, combined with the striking lightning styled bolts on top, brings a unique vibe that is perfect for skiing down the slopes.

Dua Lipa

Prints aren’t just for up top, prints on trousers and jeans can be equally as striking and attention grabbing. Dua Lipa rocks a pair of baggy printed trousers from JW Anderson with the brand’s name plastered across the legs, complete with cool orange prints that add contrasting colour against the blue of the trousers.

Lori Harvey

This is where things get really adventurous. Not content with wearing one printed garment, Lori Harvey wore a matching printed suit consisting of a black blazer with white patches and a matching pair of trousers with the same print. A matching printed outfit is a definite way to step things up a gear without running the risk of clashing or looking too much.

Karla J

Once again proving that printed trousers can be just as commanding as a printed top. Karla J wears a pair of psychedelic print trousers, which aren’t too overbearing thanks to the neutral colour palette of white and brown which brings the garment back down to earth. This is also helped by the matching brown top showing that matching a specific colour of a print with another garment can unify an outfit wonderfully.


The printed button-down shirt is a classic and a staple, and for good reason. This version worn by Parisa features the classic leopard print in a green and black hue which makes for a slightly more unique take on the print. Animal prints are some of the best prints to start experimenting with as they so often can match with anything without much effort needed. They also just look uber cool, which is really the only thing that matters!

Nicki Minaj

Rocking some Marc Jacobs leisurewear, Nicki Minaj shows that hoodies and sweatpants can get in on the print action too. Streetwear often offers up some of the craziest and most unique prints in the fashion world, and this print Nicki is wearing could definitely be seen as being a louder, riskier print but, it works, thanks to the matching sweatpants and that always classic monochrome colour palette. Definitely big, definitely bold, definitely brilliant.

Words By Andrew Coyle

Graphic Credit: Gerasim Kutsarov


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