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6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Voir’s Guide To Giving Your Style A Parisian Twist

6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Voir’s Guide To Giving Your Style A Parisian Twist

Best known for their no-makeup makeup looks, just got out of bed hair and haven’t even tried sense of style, the effortlessly chic Parisian look is always our end goal when it comes to beauty. With Emily In Paris back on our screens, we take a look at how to nail that effortless French girl style in a way that Emily simply does not (sorry not sorry)!

Less Really Is More

The French approach to beauty is simple, wear makeup in moderation and enhance your natural look without overdoing it. This means taking pride in your skincare routine to ensure you are working with a clean and fresh base that will give you a healthy glow to begin with. French girls often sneer at foundation, applying just a touch of concealer where necessary, for example under the eyes or to cover a blemish. After that, all you really need is a dusting of natural blush for that sun kissed look, a sweep of bronzer to warm up the outskirts of the face, lip balm and your good to go! That really is all you need to master the Parisian perfect ‘au naturel’ makeup look and the result is looking like you just woke up like that!

Messy and Undone

Their secret to perfectly imperfect tousled hair is again, unspurisingly, ‘au naturel’. Choosing to embrace the messy and undone look means that little to no work goes into creating the effortless masterpiece that is their hair. Spritzing a salt spray and leaving natural curls to come through or using a styling tool to tease waves through your tresses are just some of the ways you can achieve this look, but a tip to note is that French girls often go to sleep with their hair wet, waking up to foolproof messy waves.

When it comes to haircuts, some Parisian favourites include the classic bob, long layered bangs and the flawless fringe.

Effortlessly Chic

Simplicity is key when it comes to Parisian dressing and their love of a wardrobe staple knows no bounds. Their pure sense of style is down to the pairing of just a few key items that work together to create the ultimate cool girl vibes. A Parisian lady isn’t Parisian if she doesn’t have a pair of straight leg blue jeans (preferably some Levi’s 501s) hanging around in her closet. These casual bottoms, paired with a white shirt of choice, some feminine ballet pumps, and a trench if the weather calls for it, exude the ultra Parisian everyday style.

Night time dressing isn’t much different either and the laidback look has proved popular, century after century. A Parisian’s love for good tailoring is ever more apparent as a stylish suit set is often worn for an evening in the French capital. Being the city of love as it is, Parisian dressing often calls for a bit of romance and that is where the silk slip dress comes in. It’s soft to the touch fabric, subtle spaghetti strap, and floating hemline make it the transcendent romantic gesture for when the sun goes down.

Words By Ella Citron-Thompkins

Photo Credit: Gerasim Kutsarov


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