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Vivienne Westwood's SS21 Film: 5 Talking Points From The Punk Inspired Collection

Vivienne Westwood SS21

Captured by Louis Simonon, Dame Vivienne Westwood’s punk-inspired film, narrated by Brian Nasty, showcases the designer's spring/summer 2021 collection; expressed through a new wave and generation of activists.

Showcased by a wide cast of activists, models, and artists, including Kai-Isaiah Jamal, Georgia Palmer and Isamaya Ffrench, Vivienne’s latest collection is a testimony to recognizing the current climate and the hardship that we have all endured over the last few months. Reflecting her “buy less, choose well, make it last” spirit, her end goal is to only show one collection a year contributing to her motivation for an eco-friendly mindset and lifestyle. In recognition of her collection and the powerful message injected behind it, here are 5 key moments to take from her SS21 collection.

Vivienne Westwood Spring-Summer 2021

1. The collection is designed and crafted by an abundance of eco-friendly and environmentally friendly fabrics.

Environmental principles have lied at the heart of the Westwood brand for decades. Speaking up and advocating the importance of protecting the environment through her collections has been evident throughout her iconic career. In her SS21 collection, organic cottons, linens, silks; recycled polyester; eco-friendly acetate and viscose have been used to create a punk-infused collection.

Vivienne Westwood SS21

2. All of the designs are Unisex

Mirroring a current movement in fashion, clothes are no longer defined by gender. The rise of anti-gender collections that aren’t dedicated to ‘male’ and ‘female’ designs are empowering a movement of inclusive clothing and unisex fashion. As Vivienne said: “Fine-knit twinset and pearls for men… or better still just the button up cardigan- bare chest” the designer is not allowing gender to restrict creativity.

Vivienne Westwood SS21

3. The collection is in support of Farms Not Factories and Ahimsa Milk.

In line with her environmental ethos injected through this collection- and in fact her career- Vivienne has donated to two charities who are petitioners and advocates for the wrongdoing of factory farming and inhumane treatment of animals. While all materials are eco-friendly, specifically the wool is mulesing-free.

Vivienne Westwood SS21

4. The film is captured by Louis Simonon

It would only be appropriate. As the son of Paul Simonon, Clash bassist, the punk movement is in Louis’ blood.

Vivienne Westwood SS21

5. The collection is a mirror for change

To pay attention and recognise the trauma and hardship of 2020, the collection is worn by activists who have all personally vocalized their worries and words towards these issues. Racism, social injustice, pandemics, and climate change, the ambassadors for this collection are modeling the clothes for a wider purpose and bigger message.

Words by Clare Stephenson

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