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Top 7 Undercover Streetwear Brands

Collage of brands Cold laundry, Sisters and seekers,The Named Collective , Agora clothing, Maria gulina, Derschutze and Entente

It goes without notice that streetwear has embellished its traits across the globe, whether it be from high street retailers to independent stores. The expanding industry is always seeking to switch it up a notch, as streetwear is grounded on authenticity and charisma. Needless to say, many streetwear stores have constructed themselves as hypebeasts. However, the undercover gems of the sector are slowly but surely creeping out of their shell and becoming more known across Instagram; as it is the central hub for fashion. Here are 7 lowkey streetwear stores that can add a little oomph to your style

Image of brands Cold laundry, Sisters and seekers

1. Cold Laundry Instagram: @coldlaundry

If you got a thing for a neutral colour palette and a little aesthetic appeal, Cold Laundry is a bit of you! The company that was founded in 2019, seek to inspire their consumers with calming tones of colour while bringing everyday essentials into existence through their detailing and quality of clothing.

2. Sisters and Seekers Instagram: @sistersandseekers

Definitely have a scroll through Sisters and Seekers, you will not be disappointed! The streetwear brand can be seen to limit in colour as of its neutral and simple tones. However, it can enhance in detailing and quality through its widespread of apparel.

Image of brands The Named Collective , Agora clothing, Maria gulina

3. Agora Clothing Instagram: @agoraclothing

With its affordable attire, Agora can be seen to transpire across social media platforms portraying its sporty yet vintage fits. The significance behind the brand offers not just streetwear, but a range of graphic tees, techwear and embroidered goods that are developed through a statement of bold colours. The company is also seen to linger through retail stores such as Urban Outfitters and Topman.

4. Maria Gulina Instagram: @mariaxgulina

The London based streetwear brand is home to comfortable loungewear with a streetwear infused style. Maria Gulina is a gender-fluid collection that is built to stand out in a comfortable yet creative manner. If you are looking for a wide colour scheme and love an affordable two-piece set definitely check them out.

5. Named Collective Instagram: @thenamedcollective

Love a little 90s inspo? The Named Collective is seen to float across the explore page of Instagram, with no doubt anyone with an eye for streetwear would follow! The East London based brand offers affordable apparel, that has a range of graphic designs and also a hub for handpicked vintage goods from Levi to Adidas that cater to women.

Image of brands Derschutze and Entente

3. Derschutze Instagram: @derschutze_clo

Feeling a bit artsy? The German brand, Derschutze is grounded on the combination of streetwear and art. It can be seen that the company differs from others as it gives artists a platform to express their creativity through statement pieces. The designs are embroidered box logos that strive in originality on apparel and accessories. However, getting your hands on these products is a struggle as they go rapidly! If you are an artist and looking to enhance your brand definitely contact them.

7. Entente Clothing Instagram: @entente.shop

Entente is the hub for bold prints and casual silhouettes. The brand is found on ASOS, but for sure stands out from the crowd as of its authenticity. Streetwear itself is known for its baggy clothing and comfort, however, this brand is seen to develop these traits with a stylish effect.

Word By Amber Meghani

Graphics by Mehak Jotwani

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