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8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Top 5 Female Photographers To Watch

8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Top 5 Female Photographers To Watch

We have selected five female artists and their photographic works to follow currently on Instagram. From collage to beauty close-up, their Instagram pages definitely offer a wide range of snazzy makeup ideas, through an urban and modern aesthetic. Get inspired! 

Rosanna Jones

Rosanna Jones The Girls of Isolation Project

Rosanna Jones has definitely a gift for the art of collage. The Instagram page of this London-based photographer is a real patchwork of fashion photographs, mixing portraits of models she previously tore, cut up, sometimes she even burnt them, and she finally gathered their pieces in a way that modifies reality, deconstructing the faces of her female characters and their perfection. Eyes and mouths become outfits, and fashion models turn into three-eyed individuals or characters with several faces. Stylish aliens ! Through her work, Rosanna Jones aims at extending the physical possibilities of photographs, and successfully defies the limits of their two-dimensional aspect, turning them into almost tactile pictures. Her Instagram ?@rosannajonez

The Girls of Isolation Project

Artwork by The Girls of Isolation Project

The Coronavirus quarantine has led to various artistic projects on Instagram recently. Among them, the Girls of Isolation Instagram page shows a series of black and white self-portraits of women and their daily life at home, during this current period of quarantine. This idea of gathering these self-portraits on an Instagram page came into the mind of American poet and YouTuber Olivia Gatwood. After having shared her self-portrait in quarantine on her Instagram, she received plenty of pictures depicting women in their bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Olivia Gatwood successfully captured the reality of this moment. Discover this photographic project on @girlsofisolation 

Misha Meghna

Photography by Misha Meghna

Plunging in the photographic universe of this UK-based visual artist is like looking at life through rose-tinted camera lenses. Illuminating the faces of her models both in magenta and cyan hues, Misha Meghna creates dreamlike scenes, with sparkling backgrounds, or pink and satiny ones. Her artistic work mixes different cultures, emotions and personalities. Follow her on @mishameghna 

Sarah Brown

Photography by Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown is a London-based fashion and beauty photographer. Her Instagram offers a wide range of beauty inspirations and makeup crazes to adopt, from pearly eyelids to Halloween lips. She recently posted an image of a mouth covered with red and pink lipstick conveying the message « Stay home », a way to « do something to help the current situation with Coronavirus » she indicated on her Instagram. You can discover her work on @sarahbrownphoto 

Sarah Feingold

Photography by Sarah Feingold

From fluorescent green eyelids to showy pink and blue flowing crease eyeliner, the Instagram of this German artist is a good source of ideas if you are looking for colorful makeup inspirations in front of your palette. Sarah Feingold also created the magazine NBGA, understand « No Basic Girls Allowed » which focuses on positivity and self-acceptance, mixing beauty, fashion and artistic topics. Follow her on Instagram @sarah.feingold

Words by Alizée Mosconi

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