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1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team This Is What We Have All Been Waiting For: Euphoria Is Back!

1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team

This Is What We Have All Been Waiting For: Euphoria Is Back!

Yes, you heard right … Euphoria returns for season 2!

The much-loved teen drama will finally be returning to our screens in January 2022 after a delay in production due to the pandemic. Sharing the teaser clip on her Instagram account, Emmy Award winning actress, Zendaya, simply captioned the post “EUPHORIA SEASON 2. JANUARY 9.”, need she say more?

In the last season of the long-awaited hit show we were treated to an array of deep friendships, emotional personal journeys and toxic relationships, whilst we got to know a group of high school students who were exploring themes of love, drugs, identity and other complex issues, in the most raw and real of ways. The trailer for season 2 teases the same wild parties, intense violence and desirable fashion that we were treated to in season 1, but on a much larger scale. How lucky are we!

For the upcoming season, we reunite with familiar faces in the form of Hunter Schafer and Sydney Sweenie’s characters, Jules and Cassie, as well as being introduced to newbie, Dominic Fike, who joins the star-studded cast to tell the difficult stories of teen-hood that we love and know so well.

Alongside its spot-on casting and stellar performances, Euphoria has been praised for its on the mark costume choices which helped to portray each character and tell the story so well, while inspiring hundreds of the Gen Z style crew who instantly wanted to go and recreate the looks they had seen on screen for themselves. Best known for her casual and slouchy ‘fits, Zendaya’s character, Rue, undoubtedly influenced the effortless street style of the style stars we see today. Likewise, the character of Maddy, played by Alexa Demie, perfectly mastered the Y2K look that has been adopted by many as of late, through baby pink tracksuits and tight cut-out two pieces, the nostalgic style was truly bought back to life. In one of the episodes Demie was even spotted wearing the iconic purple Lucid set by cult-favourite label, I.AM.GIA, which saw sales skyrocket, naturally.

As the star of the show that she is, we are going to take a look back at some of Rue’s best style moments from season 1 of Euphoria and show you how you can get the look too.

This classic look from Rue is relaxed and easygoing and showcases the oversized red hoodie that we so often see her wearing in the show. Styled with a baggy slogan tee, this outfit epitomises the style of Rue and it couldn’t be easier to work it into your own wardrobe.

In another truly rue oversized ‘fit, here we see the character in her everyday jeans and converse with a large duster style coat thrown over the top. Slouchy coats are so in right now and they can really give a casual look a bit of an upgrade.

While Rue may shy away from the somewhat revealing clothes that the rest of her cast mates are often found wearing, she certainly doesn’t shy away from patterns. This floral shirt and stripe tube top combo are just one example of the printed pieces the character likes to play around with. Adding patterns into your look is a great way to add a bit of character to something simple.

You’d be hard pressed to find a clip of Rue without her trusty hightop converse on that are a staple piece in so many of her looks. The classic shoe makes a versatile and trendy addition to any outfit. Pair with your choice of trousers and of course a cosy knit to complete your Rue inspired ‘fit for winter.

In a rare party piece from Rue, the character tunes in with her androgynous style, opting for a trendy two-piece suit. The purple look is the perfect party update on Rue’s regular go-to jeans and a tee. 

Words by Ella Citron-Thompkins

Photo Credit: @euphoria Instagram


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