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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Wet Look Dress Trend Making a Splash

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Wet Look Dress Trend Making a Splash

The fresh out the ocean look has been a staple for decades with designs from Galiano in the 80s and Alexander Mcqueen in the 90s instigating the wet look appeal, though more recently the trend has picked up steam and flooded our feeds and with the help of the celebrity-approved brand, Di Petsa, you can ride the wave too.

In the past, the trend has been synonymous with the sexual objectification of women, accused of merely appealing to the male gaze. However, Di Petsa has given the look a whole new meaning by putting the power back to the ladies who are wearing the looks and highlighting the female form in the most positive of ways. The sensual designs come with a message of self-birth and have been created with the aim of empowering women to take sexy into their own hands, encouraging them to embrace their sexuality in whatever way they like.

Photo Credit: @dipetsa

While for some it may seem a farfetched style that can only be showcased at the most exclusive of events, think Kim Kardashian’s Thierry Mugler wet look at the Met Gala in 2019, this is just not the case. Bella Hadid was spotted casually wearing Di Petsa’s wet look mini on her summer vacation just a few weeks ago, revealing just how versatile the trend can be.

With the likes of Megan Fox and FKA Twigs sporting the latest looks from Di Petsa, the appeal of the wet look dress is ever so apparent. To soak up the style, we suggest pairing your wet look dress with drenched hair (a whole other trend in itself!) and dewy skin to match, that leaves you looking wet from head to toe!

Shop our favourites from Di Petsa below:

Words by Ella Citron-Thompkins

Photo Credit: @Dipetsa


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