• Hena Sharma

The Undisputed Icons of Halloween

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Kim Kardashian as Cher and Poison Ivy, Beyoncé as Frida Kahlo and Heidi Klum as Cleopatra

Spooky szn is truly upon us. The nights are drawing in earlier, the days are getting colder and the alter egos of our favourite A-listers are coming out of hiding. Whilst you’re contemplating potential garbs for tonight or the Hallo-weekend, scroll through these ingeniously elegant guises sported by the stars who consistently 'win' All Hallows’ Eve for worthy inspiration.

From Beyoncé to Heidi Klum, these celebs have served looks year after year and we need to take a moment to appreciate some of their most infamous get-ups that range from the ghoulish to the glitzy.


I think we can all agree, we need a museum dedicated to Queen-B’s legendary Halloween ensembles. The superstar’s Hallo' moodboard themes tend to err towards the historical, the musical and the cultural - substituting the frightening and scary-centric elements of the holiday for tributes to African-American pop-cultural icons. Fan-favourite looks pulled off by her include accolades to R&B icon Toni Braxton, Olympic athlete Florence Griffiths Joyner and style goddess Lisa Bonet (all 2018).

With a proven track-record to impress, educate and empower, we can hardly wait to see how Beyoncé and her family gets In Formation this time round.

Beyonce's Halloween costumes, FloJo, Toni Braxton and Lisa Bonet

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum knows she slays Halloween. The supermodel-turned-TV personality loves the holiday to the point where she has hosted an annual horror-themed party since 2000 (props to her). Through the years Klum has racked up an increasingly impressive portfolio of some of the very best facades of the season – and we’d expect no less from her. From Princess Fiona and Jessica Rabbit to Old Heidi and Cloned Heidi (yes, you read that correctly), Klum has clearly gone all out with her choice of dress and prosthetics on Halloween’s passed.

For her Princess Fiona transformation of 2018, Klum committed to a full-body of prosthetics completed by Oscar-winning makeup artists no less. Her Jessica Rabbit rendition of 2015 followed a similar path and Klum documented her lengthy makeover process on her Instagram feed. She is currently teasing her 2019 costume, posting a video (https://www.instagram.com/p/B4QRQekh94a/) yesterday (Oct 30th) of artist Mike Marino fitting a face of prosthetics on her in anticipation of #HeidiKlumHalloween2019.

Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes of Michael Jackson in Thriller, Jessica Rabbit, Princess Fiona and Heidi Clones

Kim Kardashian

KKW, much like Beyoncé, enjoys celebrating Halloween by transforming into a different individual. Her eloquently put together tributes typically enable the social media mogul to embody another persona for just one night, whether as Selena Quintanilla circa 1995 or as Kim’s self-professed fashion icon, Cher. Kim’s homages most definitely Turn Back Time with the way her team nail every detail - from the clothing and accessories to the hair and makeup.

Like you, we’re constantly refreshing the Insta pages of all these Halloween icons in eager anticipation of their Halloween 2019 trappings and we’re sure they won’t disappoint!

Words by Hena Sharma

Graphics by Katie Janes

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