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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Future is Now: Coline Cherry is the Digital Designer Pushing the Industry into a New Age

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Future is Now: Coline Cherry is the Digital Designer Pushing the Industry into a New Age

We’re finding ourselves living in an increasingly digital world year by year. So much of our life has transitioned into being digitally consumed from music and TV shows being streamable, shopping being done online rather than on the high street, and even social events transitioning to digital spaces. The fashion world is also now reaching the point of steadily transitioning to digital with digital fashion shows taking the place of physical ones across the various Fashion Weeks and even the garments themselves taking the form of pixels and coding.

This new age of fashion is exciting and intriguing and one of the designers leading the digital fashion revolution is Coline Cherry. Cherry has been in the fashion stratosphere for a while now having earned a bachelor’s degree in Art & Fashion at the Norwegian National Academy of the Arts in 2015. Coline’s work focuses on the relationship between fashion design and 3D animation and how the two can be combined to create truly unique and stunning clothes that would be otherwise impossible to create physically. With an interest in augmented reality and virtual reality too, it’s clear that Coline is going to push boundaries even further and give even more surprises to the fashion world.

The first thing immediately noticeable about Coline’s work is how vibrant and full of colour it is. Looking at her Instagram is like looking through a fashion kaleidoscope with neon purples, pinks and blues evoking a serious cyberpunk energy, and shiny oranges, reds and fluorescent yellows giving pops of energy and life to the garments they’re attached to. Campaigns have also been drenched in a rich, sunset gold that has given the products showcased a sense of nostalgia despite the heavy focus on the future.

The imagery and garments themselves are fantastic too. Due to the nature of digital fashion Coline has been able to lean into imagery that isn’t typically used in the physical fashion landscape. One campaign sees a set of seriously decked out skeletons living the cyberpunk and getting ready for a neon lit night on the disco floor, whilst another features a group of three headless figures all holding their heads in their hands and covering their eyes, ears and mouth, bringing the phrase ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ to life.

The shapes of the garments on display feel almost otherworldly. Cuts and intricacies that would be otherwise impossible in reality are fully brought to life here and are so well envisioned that you would be forgiven for thinking they actually are real. One of the most stunning pieces is a lush green coat made up entirely foliage and flowers, whilst another notable garment is a bright red blazer with a traditionally structured cut with hordes of flowers blooming off of it. These two designs alone showcase not only the possibilities of digital fashion as a whole, but also the sheer individual talent and creativity that Coline possesses. The fashion world is much more exciting for her presence in it.

Words by Andrew Coyle

Photo Credit Coline Cherry Instagram


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