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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Cool Kids Are Back: How to Embody The Weird Girl Aesthetic

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Cool Kids Are Back: How to Embody The Weird Girl Aesthetic

Hearts broke and egos bruised the world over when street style photographer Shoichi Aoki announced in 2017 that after 233 issues the massively influential Japan Fruits Magazine would be coming to an end. The cause of death? There were ‘no more cool kids to photograph’. For 20 years Japan Fruits had been a harbinger of Harajuku fashion in the west just as in the east, originating in the Tokyo neighbourhood of Harajuku known for its colourful, unorthodox fashion and its diverse subcultures. Could it be true? Were there really no more cool kids? 5 years on and in the post pandemic hellscape we were blessed with a revival when Shoichi himself photographed Gen Z darling Beadadoobee for The Face magazine in classic fruits style. In fact, the wild and wonderful Harajuku style can be seen creeping its way into back into fashion everywhere. Just take a look at Marc Jacobs new(ish) line Heavn if you don’t believe us. Maybe it’s our never dying obsession with the 90s, our love hate relationship with egirls or simply wanting to look like an anime character, but Harajuku influence is undeniably back, we’re just calling it weird girl aesthetic this time. 

The weird girl aesthetic can seem daunting… confusing even, but we have a few tips on how to completely nail it.

 School Yard Galore 

Think braids, pig tails, high ponies and space buns. The weird girl style invites you to recreate your favourite childhood hairstyles but with more of a cyberpunk twist. You want to look kawaii, but you also want to look cool. Here’s what we suggest: gel your hair for a more snatched look, a bit of gel on a spoolie through the hair will keep flyaways minimal and make your look more polished. For an edgier look, consider backcombing your pig tails or pony tails and then brushing out. This creates a little volume and a grungier feel. 

Blushed Makeup

The biggest difference between eastern and western makeup is the intensity of it, the east prefers a more natural, blushed look, and the same can be said for the weird girl aesthetic. Consider using a light concealer on problem areas followed by a cream blush and a natural lip or gloss. For those who prefer the monochromatic look, you could apply your favourite, natural colour cream lipstick to your lips, the bridge of your nose and the balls of your cheek to the side of your face and blend for a sweet, blushed look. If you’re prone to greasier skin, consider using a finishing powder or a powder blush instead. Finish with some highlight and a few swigs of mascara on your top and bottom lashes and you’re ready to go. 

Kitschy Maximalism 

One of the most crucial elements to nailing the weird girl aesthetic is maximalism, layer up on bobby pins, metallic or rainbow clips, scrunchies and bows that can be worn sporadically across the hair or at the base of your hair tie for a cuter look. Using the bobby pins you could create rows along your hair or even criss cross them. This look has been sported by several celebrities such as Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry, Rhianna, beabadoobee and Amandla Stenberg. The look can be somewhat adolescent, so if you want to dress it up consider using same colour bobby pins and placing them in rows on one side behind the ear to create an elegant side parting or layered at the hairline. 

Rebel Hair 

When Pinterest released its 2022 trend predictions, no one was surprised to find ‘rebel cuts’ amongst them. Defiant hairstyles have been cropping up since the dawn of lockdown with mullets, red tones, shaved heads and harsh highlights being spotted throughout both TikTok and the runways. The weird girl aesthetic welcomes this wild hair with a particularly rebellious tone, whether it be a bright colour as seen spotted on ECCO2K or blue highlights as seen on Bella hadid. As far as bleaching and colouring your hair, we recommend going to see a professional, but for a temporary look consider using y2k staple clip in hair highlights. Simply part the top of your hair from where you’d like the colour to start, clip in the highlights and then cover the base with the hair you parted. 

Quirky Nails

Finally, since the Harajuku look is all about maximalism, we simply cannot forget the nails. A simple base coat colour will be enough to start, either natural tone or coloured. Afterwards, you can stick gems and nail stickers on to your heart content. That’s the beauty of the weird girl aesthetic. Finish with a clear top coat and you’re done. These over the top, quirky nails have been spotted all over with celebrity manicurist @nailsbymei being responsible for quite a few. Her Harajuku inspired nails can be seen on Hari Nef, Iris Law, Cardi B and even Seth Rogan. 

Words by Giuliana Zamudio-Lopez 

Header image: @Bellahadid


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