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4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Best Of Copenhagen AW24 Fashion Week

4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Best Of Copenhagen AW24 Fashion Week

Copenhagen has a name for itself for many reasons. It’s a hub of fashion, couture and so much more and Copenhagen Fashion Week is no exception. With some of the hottest designers of the moment, the recent AW24 Fashion Week has taken the world by storm and we thought we’d break down some of our favourite shows and looks.

Han Kjobenhavn

Han Kjobenhavn is one designer we definitely have our eyes on, and we’re not the only ones. Their collection recently was named ‘Silence’, and a lot of inspiration was taken from the founders football obsession. The brand was founded in 2008 and the show was said to have a nostalgic feel to it for a lot of the Copenhagen locals in attendance. Whist their new collection is more wearable that some of their other work, it’s still very Avant-Garde. 

Image Credits: Vogue Runway

Oversized bombers, baggy trousers and so many mixes of tones and textures. Designer Wikkelsø Davidsen went on record saying “If you see my work in the past couple years, it’s silhouettes and sculpture-like expressions,” he says. “It’s about bringing those broad and artistic strokes into an everyday language.” His design style reminds us a lot of Yeezy in its prime, with the neutral colours and oversized silhoutes.

Image Credits: Vogue Runway

Saks Potts

Saks Potts blew it out the park with their runway as usual. Barbara Potts and Catherine founded the brand around 10 years ago and in celebration of that, they wanted to ensure their show was intimate and felt on brand – therefore they hosted it in one of their stores with a smaller guestlist – for fashion week – of 150 people.

Image Credits: Vogue Runway

The entire collection was totally 00’s Indie Sleaze inspired and we are obsessed. “For us it’s quite nostalgic because when we went to high school, it was exactly that vibe,” co-founder Barbara Potts stated. It had a bohemian vibe to it whist maintaining the key vibrant colours that we all remember from the early 2000’s. Afghan style coats, leather trousers, low slung waists and frilly feminine tops were some of our favourite parts of the collection.

Image Credits: Vogue Runway


Rotate closed Copenhagen Fashion Week on the 1st of February and they definitely left a lasting impression. They covered the walls in draped red fabric – almost red carpet like. On top of this there were countless showstopping Red looks, which was obviously such a prominent trend last Autumn/Winter.  

Image Credits: Vogue Runway

Designer Thora Valdimars noted “We kind of made it into our more sexy Rotate universe, with a nod to the ’50s,”. The show brought a sexy feminine revamp to 50’s silhouettes and the 50’s vibe has become something they really Identify with. Sheer knits, sequins, and denim, which was just entering mainstream women’s fashion at the time. The brand sought a lot of inspiration from 50’s icon Elizabeth Taylor and the end of the show included 8 wedding dressed to represent Elizbeth Taylors 8 marriages, which is pretty iconic if you ask us. We also saw loads of roses which have been surfacing on all different runways but Rotate supersized them to take up the entire chest.  

Image Credits: Vogue Runway

Paolina Russo

Paolina Russo hosted her sophomore collection staged on a runway designed to look water coloured alongside holographic structures.  The looks were very Y2K kidcore with a big splash of Grunge.  It was a mix of colour explosion and natural hues. 

Image Credits: Vogue Runway

The collection has been name “Cul-de-sac” which the designer explained that the collection was to give the vibe of “suburban boredom and coming-of-age rituals.” The brand has been incredibly inclusive since its founding which we are absolutely here for so hosted a range of models to represent the diversity in the population.

Image Credits: Vogue Runway


Gestuz created a beautiful, dreamy party girl collection. They were quoted saying it was “made for the female gaze” which we second 100%. Micro shorts, sheer lace, pinstripes, sequins and everything else that we love. It’s a total NYC cool girl collection and we want one of everything.

Image Credits: Vogue Runway

We are particularly obsessed with the monochromatic red looks that broke up the entourage of sophisticated greys, whites and blacks and were so on trend.

Image Credits: Vogue Runway

Written By Lauren Dickson


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