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3 days ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Best Facial Fake-Tans To Make Up For All The Staying Inside

3 days ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Best Facial Fake-Tans To Make Up For All The Staying Inside

Photo Credit: @MatildaDjerf

We’ve spent most of 2021 inside, lacking sunlight, and our skin is feeling it. Therefore, it’s time to fake it. Give the skin a natural-looking bronzed glow this spring with facial tanning drops.

Tanning drops specifically formulated for the face will keep your skin a lot happier than using a tan for the body. Facial tanning drops are gentler on the skin as you have the option to add them to your daily moisturiser. Tanning drops are customizable; the more you add, the deeper the tan. For the ultimate bronzed look, add the drops straight to the face without mixing with your moisturiser.


Prepping the skin is essential to ensure an even and realistic tan. Complete your usual skin routine, being mindful that using AHAs alongside self-tanning drops will affect your tan. AHAs can promote cell renewal which will, of course, remove the facial tan. It’s best to use AHAs on the days when you’re not applying tan to the face.  

Here are some of the best tanning drops for a sun-kissed glow.

Dry skin will especially love the Skinny Tan Moisturising Face Tanning Drops. Add these drops to your favourite moisturiser for a gradual tan, or you can use them alone. The skin will feel nourished and hydrated as this self-tanner contains aloe vera. This tan develops over 6-8 hours, so it’s best to put this on before you sleep. When you wake up, your skin will be glowing and ultra-soft. This self-tanner is fast-absorbing, so there’s no need to worry about the tan transferring onto your pillow. When it comes to tanning, scents can be a hit or a miss. However, this product is a definite hit with its super sweet coconut and caramel scent. What’s more, Skinny Tan products are vegan.

Get a damage-free sun-kissed glow with Drunk Elephant’s D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops. Not only is this face tanner perfect for a light, bronzed look, but it also promotes the skin’s natural barrier function. The D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops contain marula oils and vitamins F and D for antioxidant protection. This product tans and protects the skin from environmental damage all at the same time. The drops are ideal for the neck, chest, and the rest of the body, not just the face. Just add a few drops to your moisturiser for a healthy glow.

Photo Credit: Drunk Elephant

The Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops create a beautiful, tanned look while colour correcting the skin. There are three different shades, light, medium and dark. Each has a different colour correlating to skin tones and what colour would need correcting. The lightest shade has a peach base for lighter skin tones, and the darker shade has a purple base for deeper skin tones. The Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops is formulated with HyperViolet complex to reduce any orange tones. Streak-free and natural, this product can be added easily to your daily skincare routine.

Clean and transparent, the Bondi Sands Pure Concentrated Self-Tan Drops will drench your skin with hydration. The Pure Drops have the Bondi Sands iconic golden look with a new formulation including hyaluronic acid. A facial self-tanner containing this ingredient is good for the skin as it plumps and hydrates. This formulation also consists of vitamin C and E. Both vitamins help with repairing the skin and brings radiance to the complexion. Bondi Sands has been transparent with the ingredients within this simple yet effective face tanner. These self-tanning drops are perfect for sensitive skin. They have considered their impact on the environment by creating 100% recyclable plastic packaging.

Words By Eleanor Coleman


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