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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Autumn Nail Trends You Need In Your Life

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Autumn Nail Trends You Need In Your Life

The latter months of the year are a time where color inspiration is endless, as we are surrounded by festive and Autumnal palettes. Unlike last year, we can now go out and show off our latest looks, making it the perfect time to find eye-catching nail designs. Here is our AW rundown of the best Nail Trends ready for you to wear.


A shade proving most popular this season is green, and we are mainly seeing nature inspired shades, such as; Forest, Moss, Basil, Sage and Sacramento being worn. 

Muted browns and Autumnal tones

A staple shade in any nail lover’s collection is a dependable brown, as every year we get the chance to wear shades of brown for Autumn. Another gorgeous autumnal shade is burgundy, offering a classy and timeless nail as we get into the festive season.

Single Nail Feature

This trend allows you to keep it understated, yet unleash a pop of colour or exciting design on one finger per hand; great for those of us who want a natural look that still offers a thrill. 

Holographic CD nails 

As Y2K and 90s trends show no sign of stopping, why not play into this with nail art? This is an adaptable look that can be made really striking or toned down, yet still keeping a level of fun with the dazzling holographic effect. 


If you want to stand out this season, this is the trend for you! Metallic nails are well-loved by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, often worn in a Coffin shape to add in that extra level of drama.

Jewel Nails

Another trend fit for anyone who loves drama is the jewel nail; a style where jewels and crystal are applied to long acrylics, creating an extravagant look. 

Neon And Nude

Nude nails are always a safe bet, and a less intimidating style if it’s your first time getting acrylics. A way to amp up a nude nail is by adding a pop of colour, and this season neon seems to be the way forward to add some flavour to a nude nail. 

Pretty Pastel

Pastel colours are great for anyone who is trying to get into wearing more colourful nails, because you can wear them as subtle as you like! A loved trend right now is pastel rainbow nails where you can wear a different pastel shade on each nail, creating the cutest look.

Gradient Pastels

An ombre nail is perfect to add multiple colours into your look in a subtle way, and this year pastel gradients are making a storm. 

Mad For Marble

Another way to add colour and variety to your nails is through a marble design, which also creates an elegant and artistic effect, fit for any lover of class. 

Words by Nadia Clasper

Header Photocredit: @nailsbyravi


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