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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team The 5 Most Viral Beauty Products on TikTok

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The 5 Most Viral Beauty Products on TikTok

The beauty industry has been dominating social media for the longest time, with makeup tutorials and skincare routine videos going viral every day. But let’s take a dive into some of the fan-favourite products that took over our FYPs in the last year.

CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

Let’s begin with the first thing you need to start your day – cleanser. CeraVe’s popularity skyrocketed after skincare expert Hyram expressed his love for the brand. Fans rushed to their local drugstores to pick up as many of these products as possible. The SA Smoothing Cleanser is perfect for controlling breakouts and oily skin.

The product is quite reasonably priced, too. Who knew that the answer to all our problems would only cost us £12.50 at Boots?

So many influencers have expressed their love for this product and shared their transformations since they started using it. A notable example includes Dr Muneeb Shah, better known as @dermdoctor on TikTok. He showed his 17 million followers how to pick the perfect Cerave cleanser for each specific type of skin and has continuously expressed his love for the product.

E.L.F Poreless Putty Primer

This gorgeous blurring primer has become incredibly popular on TikTok, with creators showing just how airbrushed their makeup looked after using it. All of the social media hype eventually led to it becoming the No. 1 primer in the United States. To celebrate, E.L.F Cosmetics started a TikTok challenge, encouraging beauty gurus to post videos using the primer for the chance to with a free primer and be featured on their page. Creators like Leilani Green and Victoria Lyn are among some of the lucky winners of the challenge.

The product is an absolute godsend for makeup lovers with textured skin and pores. Because of the putty formula, it also mattifies the face, unlike gel primers which usually produce a greasier look. After application, the product makes the skin slightly tacky and sticky – which is a sign of a great primer. Your makeup will be fully locked in for the full day – and for only £9, who can complain?

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Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

We don’t think this product really needs any introduction. It’s been plastered all over TikTok and Instagram and beauty gurus are obsessed with this formula. Simply being attached to Selena Gomez’s name made it easy for this brand to take over the makeup industry. Selena herself has over 55 million followers on TikTok, so every time she posts anything to do with her makeup brand, it inevitably goes viral. She also sat down with Vogue to record a Beauty Secrets video in 2020 (which now has 15 million views), in which she showcases using the liquid blush in her favourite shade – Joy.

After seeing how stunning the formula looked on Selena, fans were quick to rush to her website and try out the product. The glowy blush has been seen looking absolutely gorgeous on so many influencers of all skin tones and genders. Rare Beauty’s Global Stylist, Cynthia De Meo’s “blushing from within” technique soon went viral with TikTokers like Glamzilla and Nidal Kabashi hopping on the trend to create a stunning subtle blush look. This super lightweight, blendable blush seems to have a pretty strong hold on the beauty industry.

MACStack Mascara

If you’ve been dying for some ultra-luscious lashes, we’d highly recommend the MACStack Mascara. This product went viral for good reason – it doesn’t clump, it’s lightweight and it gives your lashes that fuller look. The jet-black colour can make anyone’s lashes pop giving your eyes a much brighter look. The Mega Brush version is perfect for the bigger, longer lashes on your upper
lid, and the Micro Brush is perfect for adding a bit of drama to your lower lashes.

Mikayla Nogueira pioneered the trend, showing her followers the buildable mascara formula, and since then, so many other beauty gurus, such as Kelly Rose Sarno and Daniella Marcan, have joined the trend and gushed over the mascara, with their followers in the comments absolutely swooning over the product. The hashtag for the product (#macstackmascara) currently has over 270 million views – which is pretty impressive for a mascara.

Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler

Now that our faces are looking all glowy and airbrushed, let’s sort out the hair situation. The Dyson Airwrap comes with several attachments to customise your hair styling. Let’s just ignore the hefty price tag for now, and discuss what we’re getting – a Coanda smoothing dryer, a 30mm barrel, a 40mm barrel, a soft smoothing brush, a firm smoothing brush and a round
volumising brush.

The product initially went viral for how unbelievably satisfying and effortless the styling process was. It uses a phenomenon called the Coanda Effect to automatically wrap the hair around the barrel while curling. It also doesn’t expose the hair to extreme heat, making it a lot less damaging to the hair than regular hair curlers and straighteners. Influencers like Sophie Murray have taken to their social platforms to show how they use their Dyson Airwrap, with these videos garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

It seems that beauty brands are learning that social media hype is the only way to get on top of the game and we can’t wait to see who or what takes over our TikTok FYPs next. We hope you found at least one or two (or five!) new trends to hop onto from this list.

Words by Ayushi Nathwani

Header Image by: Rare Beauty


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