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11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Top Tips for a Sustainable Beauty Regime

11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Top Tips for a Sustainable Beauty Regime

Lush, Mac Cosmetics, Cuteage, REN skincare.

Sustainability has become one of the main issues of 2020. The importance of sustainable living beyond recycling but into every part of your lifestyle, including your beauty routine, is imperative to curb climate change. A sustainable beauty routine refers to the conscious effort in minimizing the carbon impact of various steps in your beauty routine. So how can you achieve a sustainable beauty routine?

To incorporate sustainability into your beauty routine here are a few easy alternatives to incorporate into your routine.

Use of make-up sponges

During our usual beauty routines, we utilize single-use make-up wipes and cotton pads which are not recyclable and take a considerable long time to decompose. Replacing the use of single-use make-up wipes and cotton pads with make-up sponges that can be rinsed and reused is one step closer to a sustainable routine.

Onyx Brands, MyKitCo/Beauty Bay, Cuteage, DHGate
Onyx Brands, MyKitCo/Beauty Bay, Cuteage, DHGate

Package free or sustainable packaging

One of the leading causes of environmental pollution is single-use plastics. These plastics if not recycled, end up in landfills and take thousands of years to decompose. Unfortunately, these plastics are the same used to package some of our favourite beauty products. To reduce the consumption of single-use some beauty brands like Lush, Ethique have adopted a package free system to their products. Another way is to consume brands that either use sustainable, recyclable packaging. Brands that use class and metallic packaging are ones to look out for when searching for sustainable packaging.

REN Skincare, Kjer Weis, Myro
REN Skincare, Kjer Weis, Myro

Shop on a loop

Recycling organisations like the Terracycle loop have adopted methods where their consumers can buy the products while renting the packaging. Ren is also supplying in label-free bottles whereupon the next purchase you can return the previous container. You can also seek out brands with refillable business models where your products can be refilled. Brands like My Myro deodorant and Kjaer Weis make-up have adopted these methods when it comes to their products.

Recycle in the bathroom

The main way to adopt sustainability is through the recycling of the products. This applies to your beauty routine the recycling of beauty products may be difficult as it is to recycle something comprising of various materials. However, many beauty brands are offering to recycle their packaging for you. Beauty brands such as MAC, Lush, Origins, Le Labo and Kiehl’s offer their own make-up return programs. Whereby you receive a free product or discount when returning old ones, other brands like L’Occitane offer 10% off on new products when they return a full-sized recycled product from any brand. This can be something to factor into while searching for beauty brands.

Lush Cosmetics

Alternative materials

When it comes to beauty accessories and tools, most of them come in plastic, switching the material with easily compostable and biodegradable materials like bamboo. This is best for tools like toothbrushes and hair combs.

Words by Precious Njogu

Graphics by Georgia Walters


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