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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Studio 54: Most Iconic Moments

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Studio 54: Most Iconic Moments

Stroke of Midnight at Studio, 1978-79, Dustin Pittman. (Courtesy the artist and Brooklyn Museum), Grace Jones as Nefertiti, 1977 by Hans Feurer,

Studio 54, one of the most legendary nightclubs in history. Known for its extravagance and elite clientele the midtown Manhattan club became one of the most dazzling disco spots of the 1970s, with a long-lasting influence in the nightlife scene noticeable all over the world.

Everyone wanted to attend the famous Studio 54 parties, whether it was to meet their favourite celebrities or witness unique live performances, everyone wanted to be there… to the point of even showing up in a white horse to be let in. But can we blame them? They were basically the equivalent of our Met Gala, just with more booze and less rules. What wouldn’t you do to go back in time and experience one of the most exclusive parties just for one night?

Studio 54 images via Verdict website

Even if that may not be possible we can still indulge in its history, after all the influence it has had over the years cannot be forgotten. Major fashion houses like Celina have created collections based on its influence, and artists like Dua Lipa and Kylie Minogue use it as a source of inspiration for their upcoming projects.

So here’s a slideshow of the most iconic Studio 54 moments, from the iconic fashion looks and over-the-top hairstyles to the controversial shows and major celebrity appearances.

1. Bianca Jagger on a white horse, 30th birthday surprise at Studio 54, 1977

Bianca Jagger, 1977

2. Cher & Howard Himelstein on the dancefloor, 1977

Cher & Howard Himelstein, 1977

3. Mick Jagger, 1977

Mick Jagger 1977

4. Grease premiere party, 1978

Grease premiere party, 1978

8. Robin Williams, Valerie Williams and Andy Warhol, 1979

Robin Williams, Valerie Williams and Andy Warhol, 1979

Words by Chiara Ferrari, Graphics by Victoria Zhao


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