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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team September Horoscopes with Joanna Hope

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

September Horoscopes with Joanna Hope

Naomi Campbell, @naomi, Ashley Graham @ahsleygraham, Lady Gaga, @ladygaga, Michelle Obama, @michelleobama, Megan Thee Stallion @theestallion, Bella Hadid @bellahadid, Winne Harlow @winnieharlow, Lizzo @lizzobeeating Camila Mendes @camimendes, Sophie Turner @sophiet, Kaia Gerber @kaiagerber
Naomi Campbell, @naomi, Ashley Graham @ahsleygraham, Lady Gaga, @ladygaga, Michelle Obama, @michelleobama, Megan Thee Stallion @theestallion, Bella Hadid @bellahadid, Winne Harlow @winnieharlow, Lizzo @lizzobeeating Camila Mendes @camimendes, Sophie Turner @sophiet, Kaia Gerber @kaiagerber

As we reach the first of September, the new season brings us the opportunity to pull out our autumn wardrobe and to start the end of the year with a new and fresh beginning. This is the month where many will take the time to think back on the year and progress into what’s to come. Its been a tough year for all, but September is ready to go. Here’s what’s in store for you this month…


Lady Gaga, images via @ladygaga
Lady Gaga, images via @ladygaga

Fabulous Aries, listening to your gut feelings gets you in the right position this month. Your ruling planet Mars is in retrograde from the 9th, so pull back and relax your approach to work. You can still make a lot of progress in your working world with some excellent planning and you will have a chance to put those plans into action later in the month when the new moon on the 17th brings with it a lot of success. You can dream a little due to a Pisces full moon on the 2nd, as love is trying to show you the power of compatibility, so if you align with the mutual goals and dreams you share with another, you can tune into what you really want from a relationship, and then you can have it all.

Lucky Colour Pink

Lucky Crystal Quartz


Lizzo images via @lizzobeeating
Lizzo images via @lizzobeeating

Venus shines her goddess vibes on you to colour your life beautiful Taurus. She will assist you on the journey to being your best self. Don’t rush as Mars is retrograde in the first part of the month and slows things down so you can evaluate things properly. With a significant new moon in Virgo coming in the middle of the month, it encourages you to take advantage of this time of renewal, and rejuvenate everything you can. As they say ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Versatile as you are, only you can brighten the path of your life, by concentrating on your higher self, your heart’s desires, and the future you wish to have. Believe in you.

Lucky Colour Gold

Lucky Crystal Fools Gold


Naomi Campbell images via IMAXTREE/Daniele Oberrauch
Naomi Campbell images via IMAXTREE/Daniele Oberrauch, @naomi

Your friendly vibes are sought after like a tonic this month as Gemini’s sense of humor can be the perfect uplifting ingredient for anyone’s soul. Your home life is being focused on more and more so make it a paradise for your spiritual, sensitive self to retreat to, filling your home with plants and fresh flowers always brings fresh hope and are symbols of natural happiness, especially around the New moon in Virgo on the 17th. Work will start to get busy, so a busy bee you will be. Your endurance and dedication pays off as you see the light at the end of the tunnel and can reap the rewards your hard-working self deserves. Give love a chance to flourish as you can play the long game in a relationship and win. Your love life can be a mystery, but the real fun is unraveling it and finding your soulmate in the process.

Lucky Colour Green

Lucky Crystal Agate


Camila Mendes, images via @camimendes
Camila Mendes, images via @camimendes

Gather up your dreams as your ruling planet the Moon is full on the 2nd and will set the pace for September and show you a path that leads to greater achievements within your financial world. You demonstrate leadership straight from the heart, the powerful combination of a Cancerians great mind and heart is unstoppable, inspired ideas give you the power to conquer the world. Your alluring magnetic self is enhanced by the power of attraction in your life, fate is preparing a great love match, the fulfillment of your wish for love is so close, have faith in your emotional compass and look to the future your happiness awaits.

Lucky Colour Violet

Lucky Crystal Sapphire


Winne Harlow, images via @winnieharlow
Winne Harlow, images via @winnieharlow

September is a fabulous time for Leo as early as the 6th. Venus brings her glorious presence and lights up your life with the best of the best. Expect to launch spectacular projects or ideas with a big wow factor. Leo likes big projects and is well known for the love of top-notch, over the top, expensive everything. Often portrayed as royalty, Leo, you have a popularity that wins over even the hardest heart. You’ve shaped your future path with big dreams and hard work, and can now succeed in your plans, moving forward, continuing on, building your empire. Venus is also the goddess of love and will have a big influence in your love life, changing things for the better, and creating a romantic atmosphere for your love to flourish.

Lucky Colour Red

Lucky Crystal Ruby


Kaia Gerber images via @kaiagerber
Kaia Gerber images via @kaiagerber

Life is looking up and your ambitions for improvement in the workplace show great promise. The New moon is in Virgo this month and highlights your career, it affects your talents and skills and turns them into your superpowers. Virgo is a natural perfectionist so when rejuvenation is one of the energies you are working with the results are fantastic from start to finish. Your love life benefits from a boost of emotional support from a partner, you work out what you really want in a relationship, you know you can take love to the next level so give love a chance and watch the magic happen in your personal world.

Lucky Colour Orange

Lucky Crystal Carnelian


Bella Hadid, Images via @bellahadid
Bella Hadid, Images via @bellahadid

You are as cool as a summer breeze Libra, life can turn around and surprise you just when you least expect it. The wheel of fortune turns for you and your popularity ensures you are supported by all the good things in life. A sense of humor can go a long way and everybody knows you can charm the birds off the trees, that million-dollar smile is brightening up everyone’s day. A great opportunity to offer you stability for the future around the new moon on the 17th can expand your world with exciting new plans. A serious relationship is more and more in the forefront of your mind, your intuitive heart will let you know if it’s right for you. Trusting your feelings is key to your ongoing happiness.

Lucky Colour Yellow

Lucky Crystal Citrine


Ashley Graham images via @ashleygraham
Ashley Graham images via @ashleygraham

Intense and emotional Scorpio can only benefit from the effects of the full moon on the 2nd, highlighting your gut feelings are taking you in the right direction heading straight to your goals, a classic move for Scorpio, a no-nonsense approach always gets you what you need and want. The magic of love is in the air and you can revel in a romantic dream with a passionate partnership. Your dreams become practical realities as luck is on your side, things run smoothly in relationships and you can use this creative time to land firmly on your love-struck feet, keep a firm grip on happiness, and plan for the future.

Lucky Colour Silver

Lucky Crystal Diamond


Billie Eilish, images via Wonderland, @billieeilish
Billie Eilish, images via Wonderland, @billieeilish

Your enterprising spirit is feeling super dynamic as you are moving into a more progressive cycle in your career, ever the early bird, you can benefit from your natural instinct to succeed and be in the right place at the right time. Your vision of the bigger picture is certainly guiding you, the angels are on your side, you have everything to be successful. Your love life is highlighted when the light of the new moon in the middle of the month casts a spell and a fairytale ending is in sight, heartfelt feelings are shared with genuine affection, you can count on your brand of loving to keep passionate love in your life.

Lucky Colour Red

Lucky Crystal Red Amber


Michelle Obama, images via Angela Peterson/Milwa, @michelleobama
Michelle Obama, images via Angela Peterson/Milwa, @michelleobama

Prestige comes to the ever-patient Capricorn. Motivated and adventurous the ambitions you have nurtured are finally paying off, and your achievement is recognized. The dynamic between your head and heart is finely tuned and you successfully manage to balance both work and home life. You are a light for others in helping them to help themselves, you naturally take them under your wing and offer hope and practical solutions, with plenty of experience behind you, your formula always works. Love can shine through your unending devotion to those you love and you are rewarded for your kind heart and understanding. The bigger picture in a love relationship is always in the forefront of your mind and the decisions you make reflect much happiness for the good of all.

Lucky Colour Black

Lucky Crystal Black Tourmaline


Megan Thee Stallion, images via @theestallion
Megan Thee Stallion, images via @theestallion

New opportunities present themselves to lead you to where you should be, at the top. Significant people enter your life and help open the right doors for you, so you can showcase your unique talents. Confidence gets you striding into action and you can brighten your prospects by trusting you are on the right career path. Venus is in your partnership sector this month and can herald you are in the mood for love and commitment, enjoy this magical time, strong unions become even stronger, a love declaration reveals you are with the right person, your relationship is as unique as you are so let the passion of your heart speak, and you will certainly feel the love.

Lucky Colour Purple

Lucky Crystal Amethyst


Sophie Turner images via @sophiet
Sophie Turner images via @sophiet

Let your intuition be your guide, your wisdom will shine and you will be very popular with others, having a great insightful heart really does make a difference and offers a lifeline to others in need, but nurturing yourself with some TLC is always welcomed, don’t leave yourself out. You will benefit from attracting extra luck and money this month as a full moon on the 2nd is in your creative sign of Pisces, and sets the scene for a much more prosperous time. Your spiritual gifts will develop and a new career can open up in this field. As a natural dreamer, you can dream a little dream in love Pisces, Venus assists you and moves into your work sector creating love and abundance in all shapes and sizes, and by the time of the new moon in Virgo on the 17th, you will be feeling very optimistic about what the future holds.

Lucky Colour Aquatic Green

Lucky Crystal Aquamarine

Words by Joanna Hope

Graphics by Lucy Gifford


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