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1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team Sentimental in the City – Two Friends, a Series, and a Lot of Opinions

1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Sentimental in the City – Two Friends, a Series, and a Lot of Opinions

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Podcasts have become sort of a ritual for us here at Voir. Whether we listen to them as a way to start our day, as a replacement to music on our walks, or simply as an alternative form of entertainment, they have become an essential part of our daily routines. So imagine our excitement when we found out about a podcast that revolves around one of our all-time favourite series.

Sentimental in the City is a pop-culture podcast by Caroline O’Donoghue and Dolly Alderton, centered around the original series Sex and the City. The Irish author behind the Sentimental Garbage podcast decided to run a mini-series segment with her fellow writer, and friend, to talk about everything Sex and the City related but in a rather unusual format.

The two writers break down and analyse every season of the series and in a very casual, sometimes even too casual, manner. They talk about the different “themes” of this series, from Carrie Bradshaw’s incredible fashion to Samantha Jones’ tragic childhood, and then discuss the impact that these had on their lives. Because yes, even if it’s just a series we can relate to the importance its content can have on womanhood, relationships and even careers.

This mini-series resembles one of those afternoons spent with your closest friends ranting about a movie you just finished watching… just with more knowledge, analytical opinions and creative input. Maybe that’s why we love it so much and are recommending it to you right now, even if we know it has been out there for a while. With the reboot of Sex and the City, And Just Like That, approaching we thought it may be time to revisit this iconic product of American television, but instead of watching once again, it may be fun to hear what two of our favourite authors had to say about it.

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If you’re looking for something lighter to start the day, something fun and familiar to listen to in your free time we suggest you check out Sentimental in the City. You won’t be finding out anything new about the acclaimed series, but if you like us enjoy a trip down memory lane but don’t have the time to re-watch 6 seasons this may be the right choice.

Words By Chiara Ferarri


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