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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Self-Care From The Inside Out: Your Christmas Gift Guide

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Self-Care From The Inside Out: Your Christmas Gift Guide

love sleep pillow spray image via This Works website, image via Jenny Ahn Wellness website, CALM Soaking Salts image via Herbivore website

Self-care is a form of self-love that we are always here for. Whether you have a solid self-care routine already or if you’re a newbie to the world of eye masks and water infusers there is an abundance of product rituals out there to make you feel your best from the inside out. With Christmas on the way, VOIR is offering a helping hand to give you the top 10 self-care products to buy for your loved ones or yourself (it is called self-care after all!).

1. Crystal Infused Water Bottle

Because we all need to drink more water. Our body is comprised of about 60% water and the list of benefits good hydration gives our bodies is endless. With that being said, crystal infused water bottles are the way to drink your H20 in style and often come in an array of crystals to vibrationally energise your bottle, from rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz.

2. Teas for The Mind, Soul & Body

There is a wealth of tea blends from across the world that come in the form of black, green and herbal teas which have been used for centuries for natural medicinal purposes. In today’s busy world, the art of having herbal tea throughout our day has never been more needed and so readily available! Chamomile aids insomnia, peppermint supports healthy digestion and ginger can help energise you for your day ahead. Whatever your concern is there is a tea out there to help.

3. Facial Mists

There are few things more satisfying than feeling a spritz of goodness quench your skin when you’re feeling slightly fatigued or suffering from dehydrated skin. Facial mists provide more than one benefit to our wellbeing, serving as a great toner in our skincare routine as well as a mental pick me up if we’re feeling flustered throughout the day. Available in a range of botanical scents and handbag friendly packaging, face mists can only do good in our eyes.

4. Pillow Spray

If you or a loved one commonly suffer from insomnia or patchy sleep, then the natural remedy of a pillow spray might be a saviour for your sleepless nights. Pillow sprays are infused with organic, essential oils that relax the mind and allow your body to feel at ease. Simply spritz a few sprays onto your pillow before you get into bed, allow the aromas from the spray make their way into your senses and finally let your head sink into the pillow.

5. Wax Melts

Since we are spending a lot more time at home to both work and rest alike, we must create an environment which provides an energy of comfort as well as productivity. Wax melts are a fun and often more economical choice than traditional aromatherapy creations such as diffusers and pure essential oils. Wax melts come in all sorts of colours, shapes, and designs to fit your personal aesthetic and easily fit into the top of oil burners.

6. Aromatherapy Roller Balls

Following one of self-cares most notable themes; aromatherapy, rollerballs are the next in line to be your handbag favourite. Rich in nourishing oils and therapeutic properties, rollerballs are to be quite literally rolled over your pressure points with a comfortable pressure throughout the day, while practising a focused breath. This will bring a sense of centredness to the self and promote concentration.

7. Bath Salts

The rituals of self-care baths have made an impression in recent years with influencers posting snaps of their ceramic baths adorned with rose petals, tea lights and even dried fruits. While this is something, we can all do if we wanted, its not always the most convenient way to run a bath! Introducing pre-made bath salts that are infused with all the botanical goodness you could need for a moment of TLC. Think pink Himalayan salts, dried herbs and aromas of carefully picked flowers.

8. Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

So vitamins aren’t the most exciting gift to give, but they are vital to our health and wellbeing that work from the inside out. Evening primrose oil is especially good for women, as they aid with symptoms of PMS and menstruation stress. With consistent use, they naturally aid the effects of hormone imbalance and painful cramps. Yes, please.

9. Natural Deodorant

We all use deodorant as part of our personal hygiene, although a lot of the mainstream antiperspirants on the market often include ingredients that are toxic to our bodies in the long term, such as aluminium and parabens. With this in mind, a good part of self-care is to make sure we consciously use things which do only good to our body. Natural deodorants are blended with soothing, organic ingredients that effortlessly disguise the scent of odour without blocking your pores with sweat.

10. Jade Rollers

Dating back to ancient Chinese civilisation to promote outer beauty, as well as internal health, Jade rollers have been innovated for the modern woman of today to help drain the lymphatic drainage system which de-puffs the face, firms the skin and helps product absorption. Metaphysically speaking, Jade, as a material has been historically used to attract luck and prosperity although other precious stones can be found in a facial roller, such as pastel, rose quartz, purple amethyst and deep blue lapis.

Words by Sophia Zenonos

Graphics by Victoria Zhao


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