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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team PUMA Announces The Names of The Panelists and Topics Who Will Shape The ‘Conference of the People’

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

PUMA Announces The Names of The Panelists and Topics Who Will Shape The ‘Conference of the People’

Sports company PUMA is holding a global conference to discuss ways to tackle some of the most pressing sustainability challenges striking the fashion industry, including waste management, materials, and climate change.

Image Courtesy of PUMA

Alongside PUMA’s CEO, Björn Gulden, and CSO Anne-Laure Descours, model, actress, and activist Cara Delevingne will host the one-of-its-kind event. In addition to the hosts, writer, director, and broadcaster Reggie Yates will also guide audience members.

Participants in the discussion include sustainable lifestyle influencers Monika Poppy and Izzy Manuel, co-founder of Flock Together, Nadeem Perera, as well as co-founders of Earthrise Studios, Jack Harries, and Alice Aedy.

The purpose of Conference of the People is to give the younger generation an active role and say in making the decisions that will shape their futures and raise awareness of the current climate crisis. Experts have warned that a growing toll is taking on young people’s mental health due to the climate crisis. The emergence of ‘eco-anxiety’ – the chronic fear of environmental disaster – is likely to be underestimated and lead to long-term damage for many—conference of the People endeavors to ease the burden on this generation. 

Among the topics discussed during the event: are waste and product afterlife, using more eco-friendly materials, managing eco-anxiety, protecting eco-systems, and ways to collaborate between the industries in order to get results sooner.

Image Courtesy of PUMA

A PUMA RE:SUEDE update is also planned to be presented, which addresses the company’s goal of making a biodegradable version of its most iconic Suede sneaker.

In a discussion of materials, the brand will examine how to use more sustainable sources of cotton, polyester, and other fabrics within their products to make a positive environmental impact, while in a discussion of biodiversity, it will be shown that new, innovative materials can contribute to the reduction of biodiversity threats.

Eco-anxiety has become a complex subject for many, especially young people, amidst the constant stream of adverse reports we have seen this year about the state of the environment. Together with Cara Delevingne, a panel will harness the negativity, influencing other brands to follow suit and take emergency action to tackle the harm from the climate crisis. As the panel’s final discussion will be on the ways in which the fashion industry can evolve in order to alleviate the current environment. 

The Conference of the People will take place in London on September 6 at 12:30pm BST (1:30 pm CET, 6:30 am CT) for 225 guests. The live stream of the event is free to access for all. To reserve a spot: https://standby.pumacop.com/

Words by Chanelle Jassim

Header Image Courtesy of Puma


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