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6 days ago, by Voir Editorial Team Product Spotlight: Zara Handbags That Look High-End

6 days ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Product Spotlight: Zara Handbags That Look High-End

The high street has currently been acing the handbag game and one brand, in particular,  includes the beloved Zara. They have an array of expensive-looking bags up for grabs, but with an affordable price tag. With accessorising being a vital part of any outfit, especially in recent seasons, it is now prime time for Zara to be satisfying our handbag needs on a smaller budget. The materials used may be faux leather, but it has never looked more real or luxurious as these bags can be easily mistaken for high-end!

Zara has proven that a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing handbag does not have to break the bank and whether you want one to make a statement or to be a subtle addition to any outfit, it is guaranteed Zara will have one for you. You really can bag yourself a bargain from them!

Zara Shiny Shoulder Bag

Nothing says glam more than a glitzy bag where the sparkles can trick anyone into thinking that the price tag is much higher! This Zara shoulder bag is perfect for a night out as the glistening material will catch everyone’s eyes. The shoulder strap too makes it trendy in current times as well as practical to carry whilst dancing the night away. The high-end quality of this bag does not just stop at its exterior either, but carries on onto the inside with a lined interior including pockets and a zip closure.

Zara Mini City Bag

Next up is a bag that will make you take a double look at the price tag. It is Zara’s Mini City bag in an elegant sage green color, perfect for when you want a pop of color within your outfit. It has two cross-body straps available which include a gold chain that is perfect for a more formal event or a thick strapped green one for a casual style. The ability to achieve two completely different looks from just one bag costing under £30 already reflects how Zara is on par with high-end designers. As well as the metal detailing and not-so-faux-looking pleather material adding a classy touch.

Zara Crossbody Bag with Buckle Closure

Another crossbody bag of dreams amongst Zara’s flawless collection is the unique saddle-shaped bag. For when you want chic on the cheap this handbag is what you need. The gold detailing gives the luxe look we all desire whilst mimicking a design we are used to seeing on the runway as the chunky buckle instantly elevates the plain black bag to an accessory that feels more exclusive.

Zara Leather Shoulder Bag

Sometimes we need a bigger bag to carry all our essentials, especially now that we can venture out again, which includes heading back to the office post lockdown. However, it does not mean you cannot have a glamorous bag to complete these trips in style. This shoulder bag from Zara features a bucket design that is perfect for filling up with office essentials and its magnetic clasping keeps all the contents safe. The top-quality stitching too makes it just as trustworthy when it comes to longevity as compared to high-end bags that are triple the price.

Zara Knotted Soft Crossbody Bag

The in-trend knot detail on a handbag is one we have seen appear many times this season so when Zara released this bag for the bargain of £19.99 it’s hard for us to believe that it is not straight off a high-end runway. The soft and slouchy exterior makes it well suited for those casual days and the simple all-over black colour makes it a wardrobe essential as it is guaranteed to go with everything. It is definitely a bag that you will reach for a lot due to its versatility including the detachable long strap.

Zara Mini Leather Tote Bag

Zara’s mini leather tote bag in this striking orange shade will make a lavish addition to your arm! The creased-effect leather exterior is a texture that makes this bag distinctive and stand out; as well as the tubular handles and crossbody strap meaning you can style it in numerous ways. This is definitely a statement bag that can be used to brighten up our wardrobes or styled to bring the orange out of an outfit.

Quilted Shoulder Bag with Chain

Continuing with the colourful theme (that we know Zara loves to follow) we have their outstanding blue shoulder bag. The thick gold chain strap and quilted exterior just scream high-end as well as adding a touch of sophistication. Shoulder bags are also a must-have accessory this year, so this one makes the perfect addition to our collections. Colour clashing is another trend appearing this season, so this bag styled with a blue shirt dress will have you looking fashionable whilst sporting a luxurious bag. And what makes it even better is that its price tag makes it an absolute steal! 

Words by Josie Cooke

Photo Credits: Zara


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