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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Priya Ahluwalia: This Year’s Queen Elizabeth II Award for Fashion Design Winner

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Priya Ahluwalia: This Year’s Queen Elizabeth II Award for Fashion Design Winner

Photo Credit: @Britishfashioncouncil / Laurence Ellis

Priya Ahluwalia, the British designer who has become known for the multiculturalism represented in her work and ethical vision of fashion has just received the 2021 Queen Elizabeth II Award for Fashion Design.

Ahluwalia has been recognised as a brand that uses fashion as a tool for change due to the inclusion and representation of diverse cultures which mirrors the upbringing and internationality of the designer herself. But it is the constant prioritisation of social causes, from environmental to humanitarian one that distinguishes it in the fashion landscape.

It is a label that uses its role and designs to contribute to changing the current fashion industry in every sense.

“Her sustainably minded menswear collections, made of dead stock and repurposed locally sourced vintage materials, combine elements and influences from her Nigerian and Indian heritage, making her designs truly unique”

British Fashion Council

It is not very common for labels to be open about their production process and the different aspects that define it, but Priya Ahluwalia is. Everything from the production to the distribution of its captivating designs is done responsibly and is open for the public and fellow designs to admire. The sources it uses and the manufacturing processes that go behind every single one of her creations represent the positive aspects of fashion and tell the admirable story of its designer, but also the ones of the workers and communities that bring her designs to reality.

The conscious talent of this designer can be admired in the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection recently presented at London Digital Fashion Week. The menswear line that had us all speechless was accompanied by a visual collaboration with filmmaker Isaac-Wilson.The clothing protagonised the film with its strong silhouettes, fun patterns and culturally-referenced colours and styling. Nonetheless, the composition of the film, the musical choice, the diversity and the beauty of every model transmitted us the authentic and time-relevant vision of the awarded designer.

Through sustainable clothing and slow-paced visuals, she managed to capture a story honouring cultural unity, migration. This artistic inclusivity with which she hopes to go global with is what attracts us to her work and keeps up positive about the future of fashion, as recognised by Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex, on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen.

Words by Chiara Ferrari


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