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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team Princess Nokia Gives Us Futuristic Feminism With “Its Not My Fault”

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Princess Nokia Gives Us Futuristic Feminism With “Its Not My Fault”

Photo Credit: John Liwag

After her iconic hit “I Like Him” last year, which plastered TikTok and had us all obsessed, Princess Nokia has given us something new to eat up with her major-label debut It’s Not My Fault, released today.

Inspired by OnlyFans, the track carries the same confidence, pride, and unabashed attitude that Princess Nokia oozes, as a woman who proudly takes a place in the narrative destigmatizing sex work and who uses the site herself. An ode to the subscription site, the song is unapologetic, lyrically witty and just an absolute bop.

Not even 20 seconds into the music video, you’ll start to see it pays homage to a certain seminal video of the late 1990s – JLo’s “If You Had My Love”. Much like the subject of “It’s Not My Fault”, JLo’s song and video discussed the topic of Women as the object of the male gaze, Princess Nokia’s explores this with the idea of women in control, something OnlyFans reinforces.

“My video symbolizes my mainstream coming of age, just as it did Jennifer’s. It symbolizes the average millennial woman, taking control of herself as the subject. I control my narrative and I celebrate my beauty. It’s hyper-futurism and almost 22 years later we are moving into a more interactive era.”

– Princess Nokia

On top of its tribute to Jennifer Lopez, the visual, directed by Sebastian Sdaigui, epitomizes the internet’s Y2k trend resurgence, delivering rimless shades, hologram-esque imagery and high thong straps. 

With her last hit so successful, and this one bound to join its popularity with its bold conviction and brilliant visuals, Princess Nokia is headed for even more success.

Words By Daisy Greetham


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