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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Musician, Fashion Icon and Girl Boss: Pia Mia is the ‘It Girl’ of the Moment

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Musician, Fashion Icon and Girl Boss: Pia Mia is the ‘It Girl’ of the Moment

Pia Mia, images via Wonderland Magazine
Pia Mia, images via Wonderland Magazine

This platinum girl has shown us how to handle a business. Her background: Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and other challenging pop singers that motivate her to be a strong artist. Musician, fashion icon, and writer, this Young girl from Guam has been bringing us several summer hits during her extensive career in the music industry.

After a break post the release of her platinum anthem ́Do it again ́- ft Chris Brown and Tyga, she continues to explode on the networks on the tik tok platform. as one of the most-watched and performed challenges during the quarantine virtualized by Noah Schnapps with five million videos.

Pia Mia images via @princesspiamia
Pia Mia images via @princesspiamia

With time she intensifies her talent. Along with Electric Feel / Republic, this gorgeous islander recently brought us ́Hot ́, her latest single that has raised the temperature of summer 2020. Produced by Ben Billions and after 18 hours of work, Pia Mia gave us a chicky tune to sings out loud. Her motive- encourage women to say what they feel and think without fear of being judged for expressing their sexuality, emotions, dreams, ideas or fantasies behind the music. Her pop style and high vocals encourage us to repeat their lyrics as her voice is unique, fresh and incomparable, so that without knowing the name of the song we could recognize its authorship. “I like you, I want you, let’s make it Hot”, she says. Not too many twists and turns, a direct and confident tune like her personality. Not to mention more than accompanies the excitement of summer and makes us want to return to last summer with nights of freedom and fun, being ourselves!

Pia Mia- HOT (Official video)

If she wrote it to someone? We do not know. What we are clear about is that this multifaceted girl is not waiting for the time to return from her island to Los Angeles to give us exclusive images and a music video that will surely keep us in a summer mood even in low temperatures.

Pia Mia images via @princesspiamia
Pia Mia images via @princesspiamia

Do not forget that Pia is a multifaceted girl. Not only does she surprise us with new projects like her single Princess or her collaborations with Theron, YG and Gunna and Carnage in “Don’t get me started”, but she is also a star writer and actress. We have seen her great talent and versatility as an actress in the movie After and she has surprised us in quarantine times with her fictional literary creation: The Princess Diaries: Sand, Glitter & Silicone on which she has been working and has published via Wattpad. You can’t help it! She is and going to stay firm from now on in every artistic space we see. Her confident vibe pressures us to want to know more about her. Her music is strong and her style is sexy and fun. We want her voice to reach as high as her multifaceted talents as an actress and businesswoman.

Whatever you do, don’t stop… you’re keeping ‘it hot, girl! Words by Cami Martinez

Graphics by Georgia Walters


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