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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team Our Fave Matching Outfits For Twinning With Your Bestie This Summer

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Our Fave Matching Outfits For Twinning With Your Bestie This Summer

Ah, best friends. There’s no stronger bond than the one between a girl and her platonic soulmate. From inside jokes no one else understands to holding each other’s hair up when you’ve had too much to drink, we all need a Blair to our Serena. When we’re lucky enough to have one, there’s nothing we want more than to show off our friendship to the world. And coordinating outfits are the perfect way to do that. After all, you probably already share your wardrobe anyway. Maybe you’ve outgrown the whole best-friend necklaces idea, but these matching looks are the ideal way to twin with your chosen sister this summer; and look good doing it.

For the Yin and Yang Duo


Best friends don’t have to be exactly the same to complete each other, and these black and white dresses say just that. Pair it up with opposite-colored bags and high heels for a white and black swan look that’ll turn heads everywhere you go.

For The Party Duo


These dresses don’t just match each other– they’ll match your wild party energy as well. Whether you’re showing off your choreographed dance routine or wing-womaning each other at the bar, these silky, open-back mini dresses guarantee one thing: matching fun for the both fo you.

For the Sparkly Duo


Not to sound too corny but these outfits will make you shine just as bright as your love for each other (*cue aw and oh sounds*). If you want to go all out, coordinate your jewelry to look like a one-of-a-kind diamond –-well, two-of-a-kind.

For The Gym Duo


These cute workout sets will make you and your workout buddy feel motivated and look fabulous–even while doing squats. If you want to go all out, you can even add matching booty bands to complete the look.

For The Together Forever Duo

Image by @kyliejenner

These are for the besties that always finish each other’s sentences. After spending every waking hour together, it’s no wonder you slowly become the same person. With matching everything, these outfits will become your new summer staples (and make it even harder for the rest of your squad to differentiate you).

For The Lazy Duo


Perfect for those lazy summer days when you both want to watch TikToks in bed while still feeling glamorous. These soft pajamas will also work for drowning your holiday heartbreak in tubs (and tubs) of ice cream or girls’ movie night. Whatever the case, they’re a sure way to elevate your sleepover.

For The Dreamy Duo


If you’re looking for a way to have your Princess and the Pauper moment, look no further. These pastel, whimsical sets will have you dreaming of twirling in summer fields with your long-lost twin. They also make for cute Instagram pics and picnic dates in the park, if that’s your thing.

Words by Alexia De Las Heras

Header Image: Kylie Jenner


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