New Year New Wardrobe!

Alessandra Rich, Rotate, Ganni and Attico

Before we brace 2020, and at the cusp of a new decade, we ought to pause for some reflection, and set personal goals for future-us, i.e. the best version of ourselves who we will inevitably transform into by this time next year. Be your resolutions revolving career milestones, relationships or general traits and behaviour, it’s important to find realistic ways to manifest those wishes in everyday life. And what better way to express one’s feelings and aspirations than fashion?

The clothes you wear significantly affect your confidence, your motivation and self-assurance. Whether buying a colourful new exercise outfit or investing in high-quality pieces, style changes play a role in our personal growth, as we have learned from years of watching makeover montages.

Personally, setting aesthetic goals for myself is always directly linked to the state of mind I wish to project. And at this point in time, I need a change. Perhaps it’s the end of the year, the looming new decade or just my general mood, but my neutral-tone, simple-cut oversize-me chic feels like it needs an update. Not that I ceased to imagine my Scandinavian lifestyle blogger alter ego, but before I go parading the slogan #NewYearNewMe, that archetypal 2010’s minimalism needs a little something extra.

Alessandra Rich, Balenciaga,

The day I laid my eyes on Alessandra Rich’s crystal-embellished heart-drop earrings, I realised that I was craving for maximalism. And apparently, I wasn’t the only one, seeing as maximalist influences grew increasingly present on runways and high street fashion: opulently embellished buttons, oversized jewellery, brooches, vivid colour combinations and shiny metallic fabrics have long made centre stage, and are present everywhere.

Attico and Rotate Birger Christensen

My favourite interpretations of the trend can be seen in the latest collections of Attico, Rotate Birger Christensen, Dodo Bar Or and Ganni, all brands led by entrepreneurial women creatives, who managed to reimagine power dressing but Make it Fashion. Channelling a millennial pretty in pink, these brands modernise classic 80’s aesthetic and turn it to ready-to-wear cabaret glamour, full of vinyl, feathers and crystals, oh my!

Ganni and Dodo Bar Or

If you don’t really see yourself as the embodiment of Samantha Jones had she been on Dynasty, fear not, as on the quieter side of the maximalist spectrum, you may find what I would refer to as the Cool Auntie look: traditional wardrobe staples, like classic suits and cardigans with an embellished buttons, bejewelled hair accessories or a minimalist sling dresses in a neon green leopard print.

Alessandra Rich SS20

While sporting these statement pieces might feel intimidating at first, I find that my inhibition is diminished at the sight of what the image of a new maximalist woman represents: confidence, elegance, humour and playfulness - the exact type of energy I resolved to manifest in 2020.

Words by Maya Avram

Graphics by Araceli Alonso

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