• Hena Sharma

Mulberry x Acne Studios: The Friendship Collection

A collage of bags from the Mulberry x Acne Studios collection

The unexpected partnership that combines British traditionalism with Scandi simplicity

Two of the world’s most-loved fashion houses, Mulberry and Acne Studios have just collaborated to create a high-end and limited-edition collection of bags, satchels, lanyards amongst other leather goods. The 17-piece range, which dropped November 5th, shocked the fashion world due to the brands’ largely divergent style aesthetics.

The Small Musubi Bayswater bag and the Computer Case from the Mulberry x Acne Studios Collaboration

Whilst Acne is known for minimalist streetwear pieces in-line with Swedish design philosophy, Mulberry garnered a cult-following for its very British-heritage bravura and focus on leather accessories. Though the brands make an unlikely couple, the outcome of this partnership has managed to bring in union classic styles and signatures from each of the houses to create completely unique and distinctive pieces.

The Messenger, the Micro Musubi Bayswater and the Coin Purse from the Mulberry x Acne Studios Collaboration

The hallmark of the collection is undoubtedly the fusion of Mulberry’s staple Bayswater with Acne’s origami knot Musubi handbag. The interlacing of the fashion houses’ best-known pieces to create something new is emblematic of the intentions of the collaboration. As stated by Acne Studios creative director Jonny Johansson:

“This is a collection about friendship, like a conversation between Acne Studios and Mulberry that is found on mutual respect. Growing up, Mulberry was a truly iconic brand in Sweden. Their handbags bring back memories from my childhood”. This idea is compounded by Mulberry CEO Thierry Andretta who states “the Acne Studios and Mulberry collaboration is a perfect manifestation of the spirit of both our brands. It showcases Acne Studios’ wonderful Swedish design ethos and celebrates both the British heritage and modernity of Mulberry”.

The Messenger and the Mini Crossbody Messenger from the Mulberry x Acne Studios Collaboration

To launch the range only a simple logo release was necessary to garner public attention which featured the ‘Acne’ lettering as leaves on the internationally recognised Mulberry tree emblem. Priced between £90 and £1295, this collection puts a fresh and collective twist on both brands and would make any outfit look elegantly chic whether donning the re-worked Scotchgrain bag in pink or cross-body satchel in black.

The full collection is available to buy at selected Acne Studios and Mulberry stores and online at mulberry.com and acnestudios.com.

Words by Hena Sharma

Graphics by Aamir Potrick

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