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Milano Fashion Week Goes Digital: Everything You Need to Know About Day Two

Dolche & Gabbana Spring 2021 Collection

Yesterday we watched Italian fashion designers come together to present their Spring/Summer 2021 collections in day one of Milano Fashion Week Digital. We may be witnessing the events from home, but iconic brands [we’re talking Prada, Moschino, and Plan C] spoilt us with jaw-dropping collections. Today, Day Two of MFWD, the high continued. So, here is all you need to know to get caught up on Milan Fashion Week, the sequel.

LES HOMMES SS21: “The Essence of Contemporary Elegance”

Les Hommes SS21 Collection

Hybrid pieces sat at the forefront of this latest collection through the “unification of opposites” in seemingly contradictory looks. Creative directors, Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch, fused classic and corporate tailoring and casual sportswear to present a SS21 collection that is designed for every occasion. Their SS21 collection is best characterized by distinctive tailoring, strong silhouettes, combined with informal street style and cutting-edge accessories. Signature tailor-cut blazers, leather jackets, and camel trench coats balance out the contrasting style of biker boots, chained belts, and cargo vests to depict the title of the collection; “contemporary elegance.”

Les Hommes SS21 Collection

Les Hommes Spring/Summer 2021 from Menswear Youtube Channel


Fabio Quaranta Spring/Summer 2021 from Menswear

The Italian Designer re-invented the traditional catwalk to present his SS21 collection in a utopian, space-age film. The neutral and muted colour palette of beige, yellow and brown presents a wearable and interchangeable aesthetic to the collection; all in all balancing out the archaic atmosphere of the film which incorporates elements of space, air, water, and fire.

Fabio Quaranta Spring/Summer 2021 collection

Quaranta incorporated an array of textures and fabrics to the collection, such as technical tweed and cotton, and to bring depth and durability to the ‘uniform’ motif expressed in the collection. Long trousers, short jackets, pocketed trousers, and vests are all paired with a statement headdress, not

M1992 : Brainwashhh

For their Spring/Summer 2021 collection, M1992 dropped a seven-look collection inspired by the notion of brainwashing, fake news, and the acceptance of manipulation in today’s society. Moving into a virtual society since the Covid-19 hardship, this season we have seen the ‘waist-up dress code’ take centre stage when styling ourselves for online skype meetings. Playing on this, their latest collection favors statement print shirts and daring jewellery that pushes boundaries. With a distinct colour palette of neon green, the collection is embellished with images of brains and washing machines to bring their ethos and brand culture to life. Ultimately highlighting their profound concern; that our brains are being washed out.

M1992 : Brainwashhh SS21 Collection
M1992 : Brainwashhh SS21 Collection

SUNNEI: Introducing SUNNEI Canva

Sunnei: Sunnei Canva from Menswear Youtube Channel

Since collections have been showcased using digital platforms amid Coronavirus, designers have taken creativity to a whole new level to share their SS21 collections. Sunnei being one. As the first part of the collection to be dropped, Sunnei merged reality with the virtual world to present their signature pieces redesigned in total white. The idea behind ‘blank canvas’ allows each item to be personably customized; encouraging consumers to explore their individual creativity and personal style within the Sunnei brand. Truly being a collection that suits all- the opportunities are endless.

Sunnei: Sunnei Canva SS21 Collection

SERDAR SS21: Men's Short Film

Serdar SS21 Men's Collection from Guitar PR & Communication Consultancy Youtube

Serdar sat down and introduced to us his Spring Summer 2021 collection as a part of Milano Fashion Week Digital. Speaking of the collection: “I’m inspired by everything I love. Nature, beauty, art, colours, music, dance, and especially David Bowie.” Blue, green, mint and beige are the core colours of this collection, embellished through hand-made bandanas and necklaces; another core element to this collection. A balance between sports luxe and chic apparel is expressed and allows flexibility through a mix of casual and nightwear looks. Tailored tracksuit sets, loose tee's and distressed denim bring nonchalance to the line, while a reflective jacket, structured leather and printed silk shirts inject refinement and poise.

Dolce & Gabbana: Spring 2021 Collection

Dolce & Gabbana spring 2021 Menswear collection Courtesy of Top Fashion News

Being the last, but certainly not least, Italian brand to showcase their Spring 2021 menswear collection in day two of MFWD, Dolce & Gabbana paved the way for the future of physical post-COVID-19 designer shows in the first socially distanced, masked up fashion engagement event.

While other designers taking part in MFW complied with the new ‘digital show’ trend, as expected, Dolce and Gabbana pushed the boundaries to express positivity and unity that the fashion industry needs, especially in this era. Simply, D&G felt their show could not be substituted for an online show. The open-air show screamed ‘social distance’ as guests attended the catwalk wearing facemasks as models showcased the new collection, standing one meter apart.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2021 Menswear Collection

Distinguished from other Italian labels that took part in Milano Fashion Week Digital, Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana spoke out prior to the event regarding the emotional and physical hardship caused by coronavirus that has inflicted difficulties in presenting their Menswear show. Speaking of the collection, Domenico Dolce said: “I don’t like the ‘digital show’, the fashion show cannot be substituted with a screen display. Because fashion begins with people.” Especially with the essence of this show, the complexity and intracity of the clothes is unquestionably something that needs to be seen and appreciated with the raw eye.

The new collection is inspired by the colours of the Amalfi Coast and the surrounding sea focusing on cerulean, cobalt and light blue tones with neoclassical statutes embellished on the items. Silk sarongs, a rib-knit wetsuit, dressing gowns and Mediterranean style loose-fitting pants and shirts. Striking ceramic Italian patterns elegantly dressed the clothes, while distressed denim and patchwork injected a street, edgy feel. To say one thing, this surely was a collection we were glad to have experienced in the physical world. Patience really was a virtue and it paid off.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2021 Menswear Collection from Dolce & Gabbana Youtube Channel

Words by Clare Stephenson

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