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Meet Jay Deau: New York, London, Milan, Paris And... Cuticles

Jacqueline Do and her nail art taken from her Instagram @JayDeau

Jacqueline Do (known in the business as Jay Deau), is the woman who jets from fashion week to fashion week creating the nail looks with a team we see swishing their way down the runways of the fashion elite talks to us about everything from what the next big nail trend is, to the priciest manicure she’s given.

How many shows have you done so far?

That's a very good question. I’ve always counted, but I don't do that anymore because I go to so many that I just don’t know anymore- countless amounts!

What’s been your favourite show so far?

I think the Moschino show, they’re always so amazing and creative. But a personal goal for me was the Chanel show.

Jay’s designs taken from her Instagram @jaydeau

Can you tell us how you got into doing nails in the first place?

I used to always go to Vietnam because my heritage is Vietnamese. When I went, my mum used to always get her nails done in Saigon. I always remember, this lady did my mum’s nails with a toothpick and created flowers with it. Can you imagine, I was four, and this was my first interaction with nail art. I thought it's really cool that she was making flowers, I was amazed by it! After that, I asked my parents to buy me some of my own Polish so I could do it on myself and that was my first interaction with nails. First I did it on myself over the years, and got myself qualified in gel and acrylics, and then at one point I wasn’t sure if I could make a name for myself, so I switched jobs and got into IT, I used to be a project manager. I was in IT for a very long time, I think around 7 to 8 years and at one point I really miss being creative, and I was only polishing my own nails with normal nail varnish and I didn’t know what to do, I was really missing the creative part of it. I was like I’m qualified, I can just do it on the side. I was always keeping up with trends and I was always looking online and following the fashion like hey what can I do next.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work from?

My inspiration comes from my travels, all the culture, where I come from and what I see. I just went to India for example and it was so colourful. Or if I’m backstage at a show I look at the collection, the colours, what is in that season.

Jay’s designs taken from her Instagram @jaydeau

Where do you think your passion for nails comes from?

The moment I realised people get so happy about their nails. You know the moment where you go to the salon or find the right nail artist and that person really gets you, it’s a good feeling watching them work. I also have admiration for another nail artist. It’s such a good feeling knowing that I can give that feeling to another person.

Who inspired you growing up?

I never had anyone really, as I grew up in the Netherlands in a very very small town. There was nobody who could inspire you, and we didn’t have internet, so I suppose going through Vogue, Elle magazines inspired me.

So far what’s been your favourite nail design to create?

I really really like flames, it’s an all-time classic. There’s also this wavy checkboard pattern that looks so nice on short and long nails. Then the French manicure is also an all-time classic but in loads of different colours.

What’s been your craziest design so far?

One time I was asked to paint the ‘Dragon Ball Z’ characters in a very short period of time. Nowadays though nothing’s that crazy anymore, its more about challenges, but I like challenges! Everything is possible; pearls, long nails, crystals. Something that was cool but also very challenging was what we did for Marc Jacobs where we used the fabric from the collection on the nails.

Jay’s designs taken from her Instagram @jaydeau

What’s the most expensive manicure you’ve ever given or had?

I went to Korea once and I got my nails done and it was 300 euro's. You would have expected some crazy things, but it wasn't, it was just painted nails. I got lilac and dark purple and on one finger I had some crystals- my fiancé was really not happy with Me. We once spent Christmas in LA and had an appointment with this celebrity nail artist that I was following for a long time on Instagram. She's known for crazy nails, so I got them very long with a combination of a lot of gold charms and red. I was so excited that my boyfriend booked a hotel near her spot because I was so hyped up about it. I only paid around $180.00 and I was pretty surprised because I was willing to pay a lot more. The most expensive one I've ever given was around 250$- it was all Swarovski crystals.

Would you rather never wear makeup again or never have your nails done for the rest of your life?

Never wear makeup 100%

Long or short nails?


Bright or neutral?


Pattern or plain nails?


What do you predict is the next big nail craze?

The French is already making a comeback. What's really coming back is the really 90s vibe really long French also those 90s vibe swirly Flowers are making a comeback.

What do you think is next for you?

I'm busy with starting my own business with nail polish, I'm trying to create my own brand.

Jay’s designs taken from her Instagram @jaydeau

Check out Jay’s designs on Instagram ‘@jaydeau’.

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Interview by Ella Winfield

Cover by Katie Janes

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