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Marie Kondo Your Life

Updated: Feb 24

Recently, as I was walking by Sephora there was a SALE sign and it might as well have been offering to take my coat because before I knew it, I was in there sampling perfumes and swatching everything else. Having never left Sephora without buying anything (even if it’s the counter stuff). Immediately I got home the guilt of how much cosmetics I have accumulated and how much of that I actually used, descended.

Kon Mari developed by Marie Kondo is the art of tidying up by keeping products that spark joy in your life. Unlike minimalism, which is living on only what you require, Kon Mari focuses on living with things you truly cherish. So, it might be completely useless but if you love it, it gets to stay. Remembering my previous guilt, I decided to Marie Kondo my life.

My closet used and abused after years of new year, new me was full to the brim with trend specific outfits and occasion dresses that were only worn once for Instagram, and twice or thrice in public. Pulling down all my clothes I took a hard look at them and tossed out most of them. Focusing on personal style and also most importantly the joy that each garment sparked. Some felt nostalgic and great steals, but others just held memories of that one time (yeah let’s not talk about it) in summary they had to go. Some garments I did not want to completely get rid of I upcycled and reused them.

After the success of my closet, I moved on to other rooms in the house. Furniture, unlike clothes, have longer life spans in the house and satisfaction periods. so, we tend to pay more attention to what we like when it comes to buying a sofa or a coffee table. Hence, I didn’t have to get rid of so much furniture, but it was the little things that had to go that artwork that was supposed to bring the whole room together or the million lamps dedicated to brightening up the place had to go.

After the success of my surrounding, the change was instant, I suddenly loved my stuff a little bit more and enjoyed sitting on the couch a little bit longer knowing that they were all significant.Now as I walk by the Sephora store and I see the SALE sign, I still go in ready to purchase my products on discount, but I may leave with fewer items, but I leave happy with my purchases.

To learn about Kon Mari catch up with Marie Kondo on her website read her published books or you can also watch her on Tidying up with Marie kondo on Netflix

Words by Precious Njoki Graphics by Séverine Denis-Lessard

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