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Madison Beer Sings Her Fight Against Cancel-Culture in Her New Single "Baby"

Madison Beer images via Stoked PR, Baby Video

Madison Beer brings a video clip full of her personality and charisma.

In a perfect cloudy room with an angelic white short dress with a perfect ponytail intact, this pop angel breaks the crystals and falls into an alternate hell where she seeks to fulfill all her wishes with sexy outfits with whom she proclaims her personality.

"Baby" is a video clip with very personal and raw lyrics. It's Beer's first project that goes beyond sweet Madison ́s style and made a statement of her comeback and the level of her actual confidence and empowerment.

Madison Beer- Baby (Official Music Video)

It is a song that breaks the sexual barriers that female singers have in the musical business and Beer opened a free way for girls to speak without shyness.

This project is part of her next debut album, Life Support, and is a call of confidence, sensuality, and courage. It is a video inspired by the toxicity that the internet can be and is written by Madison after being cancelled on social networks and in search of breaking stereotypes. She wants to transmit strength and empowerment in the company of other attractive women who have also been cancelled and proclaim themselves with the artist with strength and personal confidence.

Madison Beer images via Selfish Video, Stoked PR

We cannot deny her authentic style and sensuality. From a sexy bodysuit with a metallic embellished leather dress and gold chains with thigh-high boots. Or a puff sleeve blazer, an upcoming trend of 20/20 A / W or with a black balconette bra and black platform heels that stylize her figure and dance.

̈Baby ̈ is already causing a sensation and already has more than 3 million views on YouTube and 1.28 million streams on Spotify. It is a tune with which Beer shows us that she is in control of her present and future and makes us clear that she returned stronger than ever and ready to stay.

You look too good to stop girl! At Voir, we feel and share your confidence. Words by Cami Martinez

Graphics by Georgia Walters

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