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1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team Liza Owen Talks Favourite ‘Fits And Her Latest Single ‘Josie’ In Our New Wardrobe Series Episode

1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Liza Owen Talks Favourite ‘Fits And Her Latest Single ‘Josie’ In Our New Wardrobe Series Episode

Photo Credits: Dana Trippe

Insurgent, outspoken and unapologetic, Liza Owen is the kind of rising star 2021 needs. Even if the name is new to you, you’ll have heard her work, as Owen’s career started with songwriting for the likes of Selena Gomez and BTS. Now coming into her own with edge and candour, her raw and rebellious sound and style are setting her apart.

Liza’s latest single, JOSIE, is an anthemic ballad of modern pop, with the essence of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ in feeling, and the visual’s Western imagery. At a glance, the softly lit, cinematically-rich (per Liza’s request) video matches the song’s resentful tone, but Liza Owen isn’t so idle when “Josie’s back in town”. “I think it’s something that everybody can relate to,” Liza told us, “Every man and every woman has a Josie”, the track is autobiographical for the singer, an element of songwriting she’s never shied away from, previously discussing themes of toxicity and self-destruction in her music. With the captivating presence of Liza’s murderous, fringe-adorned character, and the backdrop of a Los Angeles apartment after dark, the music video for JOSIE is a perfect introduction to Owen’s music and finesse.

Photo Credits: Dana Trippe

“Every man and every woman has a Josie”

Liza Owen

The half Cambodian, half English artist keeps the edge continued in her fashion, her colourful clothing and rockstar chic combination perfectly reflective of her subversive and wild persona. We got the enormous privilege of a walk through her wardrobe and a conversation with the star-to-be about her favourite clothes and the stories behind them. A creative force who’s often fully immersed in the process of her visuals and videos, Liza certainly had a lot to show us.

Video edited by Harry Kingston

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Words By Daisy Greetham, Graphics By Millie Pollok


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