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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Little Simz Takes Us Into A Lush Utopia With ‘Woman’

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Little Simz Takes Us Into A Lush Utopia With ‘Woman’

All Photos Credited To Little Simz

Little Simz is back with another track. The British rapper teases her hotly anticipated album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’, set to release on September 3rd, with “Woman” – a song that makes the wait worth the while.  

As the title suggests, the new original song is an ode to women. It is an empowering homage to the female form in its integrity, with a particular focus on black women. It’s fun, catchy, and most importantly, socially relevant, a characteristic that seems to be constant in all of Little Simz work. The rapper celebrates the beauty of women from every possible angle. She raps about their beauty, intelligence and indisputable uniqueness accompanied by another female boss – Cleo Sol.  It’s needless to say that the collaboration between the two artists just made the song even better than we’d expected… Cleo Sol’s airy voice and Little Simz natural flow match in a magic-like manner that makes a seemingly classic song an instant hit. But it doesn’t end there, alongside the hit come intricate and alluring visuals.  

The music video for “Woman” is an aesthetical dream that perfectly, almost too perfectly, reflects the essence of the song. This is because Little Simz herself directed the production of the music video, a first even for her. Have you ever imagined a modern, and clearly feminist, Utopia? Well, this video creates exactly that. An army of women in a castle-like estate wearing glamorous looks while making money, but dancing and having fun in the meantime… can we join?

The video with its iridescent colours, meaningful storyline and unconventional representation showcases Little Simz’s talent as not only a singer and rapper but a director too. And as much as we love the lush visuals, it’s the details that leave us in awe of her direction. The incredible casting, for example, was not incidental. Every woman in that cast, from Jourdan Dunn to Joy Crookes and Sienna King, is there because of the importance they have in Simz’s life.  Which in a sense amplifies the message of this video by showing a united front, a strong and glamorous sisterhood. 

Enough talking, while we wait to see what else Little Simz has in store for us this year do yourself a favour and have a look at “Woman”.

Words By Chiara Ferrari


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