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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Lebanon Crisis: How We Can Help the People of Beirut

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Lebanon Crisis: How We Can Help the People of Beirut

Images via Fadel Itani/NurPhoto via Getty Images, Diego Ibarra Sanchez, CNN
Images via Fadel Itani/NurPhoto via Getty Images, Diego Ibarra Sanchez, CNN

On the 4th of August, one of the biggest catastrophes for Lebanon occurred.

A warehouse explosion killed over 100 people and injured over 4000 in Beirut’s port district. Videos that were shared on social media and news sites show the gravity of the blast and the devastation caused by it, bodies are still being found and the city remains in ruins.

The explosion not only caused destruction but deteriorated the state of a country that has been suffering for years and years. Lebanon has been facing one of the worst economic crises since the civil war that ended in 1990, it’s suffering the social and economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, and its political landscape is stained by corruption and instability.

Eyewitnesses compared the explosion to a war alarm and a flash-back to the bombings of 2006, explaining the realities that the Lebanese community has faced and continues to. The path to recovery from this catastrophe is a difficult one that will require support from the entire world, here are ways in which we can all help:

Raising Awareness

Beirut Was in a Huge Economic Crisis — Then the Explosion Hit via Vice News

Raising awareness on the occurred and providing everyone in your surroundings with accurate and useful information can help, even more, than you may think. It can help you and others to be educated about the situation, it can lead you to money donations or social and moral contributions, it can even directly help inform the Lebanese people of organizations and local people that are willing to support them with shelter and food.

But do not confuse an Instagram post with raising awareness. Although the videos and images have already gone viral, sharing them on your story with a hashtag just isn’t enough. We’re talking about a devastated community, real people that have been broken down and need a serious contribution that goes beyond a screen. So share useful links like petitions, share accurate data, and educate yourself with the context and history of the country without treating this as a singular event.


Image via Thanoki
Images via Thanoki, Reuters/Aziz Taher

We should not only use our own knowledge to raise awareness but also take advantage of all resources and contribute with donations, who are dedicating their platforms to raise funds to help the people recover from the devastating effects to their communities.

Here are the Organisation’s and Charities to donate to:

Impact Lebanon, a non-profit organisation that started a JustGiving relief fund.

Lebanese Red Cross, acts as the main provider of ambulances in the countryAUBMC, Caring for the people of Lebanon

Or you can donate to one of the many ​organisations and funds​ shared by local activists and NGOs.

Direct action

If you are located in Lebanon or know people that reside in the country or nearby, who haven’t been affected or injured by the blast, volunteer and involve everyone else who can to do the same. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities, organisations that have organised a front line such as the ​Lebanese Red Cross​.

Another direct way to help is through blood donations, giving blood to the ones who need it is vital due to the increased demand of blood transfusions if you are in Lebanon and have the possibility to donate. ​

Here​ you can find more information on the procedure and the possible places in need​. Words by Chiara Ferrari

Images from Official Sites


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