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3 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team June Is The Month Of Makeup Releases!

3 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

June Is The Month Of Makeup Releases!

June seems to be the month of makeup and beauty launches. After Kylie’s and Fenty’s drops last week, more brands joined in to release new hot products. Half of 2022 is over, but brands have an ace up their sleeves. They work hard to satisfy us so we can start with new products for the second half-year period. If you crave exciting makeup and skincare, then keep on scrolling.

Rhode skin by Hailey Bieber

Have you ever watched Hailey Bieber’s Instagram story and thought: I want to have skin like her? The model is known for her beautiful clear and radiant skin. So it’s no surprise that she released her skincare brand Rhode Skin. Her goal was to create skincare that is affordable and science-driven. Perfect to become your go-to essentials. The first drop consists of three products dedicated to achieving glazed skin. The lip treatment nourishes your lips and keeps them glossy is available unscented or in salted caramel or watermelon flavour. If you want dewy, glazed skin, you can reach for the Peptide Glazing Fluid, a quick-absorbing gel fluid that plumps, hydrates, and supports your skin barrier. Finally, the Barrier Restore Cream is the last step in Bieber’s skincare routine. The cream hydrates, soothes, and restores the skin.

r.e.m beauty

It’s been a while since Ariana Grande’s makeup brand r.e.m beauty launched its second drop. But the wait is finally over. Chapter three has landed and is giving us five new lip products. Those lip products are hydrating liquid lipsticks and classic lipsticks, ten lip liner pencils, a lip balm with a shimmery finish and lip oil in four pastel shades. The perfect launch to give our lips some love this season.

https://rembeauty.com/products/on-your-collar-liquid-lipstick?variant=42620723331335 https://rembeauty.com/products/everything-nice-lip-balm?variant=42620722938119 https://rembeauty.com/products/essential-drip-lip-oil?variant=41598079566087

Half Magic Beauty

Half Magic has just launched, and they are already treating us with a new launch. Part of the drop is Mouth clouds – velvety matt nourishing lip creams with a whipped texture. They are available in eleven beautiful shades, from nude to bold blue. The corresponding dual-ended lip liners that define your lips are perfect worn on their own or in combination with the Mouth Clouds. Each mouth cloud can be purchased with its matching lip liner in a Liptrik or separately. We can’t wait to try out these new mood-lifting lip products.

https://halfmagicbeauty.com/products/mouth-cloud-soft-matte-lip- cream?variant=41639729103025


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