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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team J Lo Jumps Back 20 Years To Recreate ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ – And Nothing’s Changed

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

J Lo Jumps Back 20 Years To Recreate ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ – And Nothing’s Changed

Jennifer Lopez has celebrated the 20th anniversary of an iconic moment in her career this week, the release of her second album J.Lo. 

In honour of the brilliant 2001 album, J Lo recreated the famous music video from the record’s biggest track “My Love Don’t Cost A Thing”, in which the star ditches her Aston Martin and discards her expensive clothes and jewelry on the beach, fitting the lyrics of the song (“Think you gotta keep me iced, you don’t”). It was an iconic 2000s moment, as the triple threat star followed all the traits of a noughties RnB video and her own brand as a feisty, strong willed woman. The song and video were met with worldwide commercial success. 

In the recreation, J Lo hasn’t changed a bit, barely looking a day older and keeping just as glamorous. She strips her coat and bracelets and swats the camera away before stripping her vintage J Lo tee. The video was posted to her instagram along with some pictures from the shoot, with a message of gratitude to her fans in the caption – “As I reflect on the fact that it’s the #JLo20thAnniversary, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being with me, loving me and supporting me through all the ups and downs. Thank you so much for all the love over the past 20 years!! I love you so much!! #MyLoveDontCostAThing#SameGirl”  

Not only does Lopez look just as good 20 years later, but her career is just as packed: even though 2021 has just begun, the superstar has already teamed up with Coach on a new campaign and made a stunning performance at President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ Inauguration ceremony, singing “This Land Is Your Land,” and  “America the Beautiful”. J Lo’s long and successful career is continuing with her talent and beauty remaining timeless.

Words by Daisy Grace Greetham


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