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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team It’s Doja Cat’s Best Beauty Moments For Us

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

It’s Doja Cat’s Best Beauty Moments For Us

Doja Cat’s Instagram certainly isn’t far off paradise when it comes to beauty. Bold, experimental and fiercely iconic, whether on stage or at home, Doja never fails to impress when it comes to her hair, nails and makeup. From eyeshadow that incorporates each hue of the rainbow, to buzz cuts, baby bangs and Barbie pink acrylics, below, Voir has compiled five of Doja’s best at home beauty looks to give you all the inspo you need for your next special occasion.

Pastel Buzz

Colour blocking might just be the next big thing. After all, if Doja looks this great with pastel hair, who wouldn’t be inspired to give it a go themselves? Debuting the look on Instagram, the style features a rat-tail at the back, adding a rebellious edge to her 80s inspired hairstyle. Executed by hairstylist Jared Henderson, Doja complimented the remainder of her locks with glossy, over-lined nude lips and a subtle green wing.

Floral Princess

Pretty and ethereal, Doja can do it all. With dark brown hair and short-cut baby bangs, Doja coated her eyes in pink eyeshadow, blending a variety of shades across her crease and between her eyebrows. Her soft pink cheeks are precisely on trend, whilst her clear lip gloss and glass-like earrings make the perfect addition to her timeless green frock.

Green Machine

Whilst we’ve all been loving graphic eyeliner lately, Doja is here to prove that the possibilities are endless when it comes to shape and colour. Utilising a mixture of green eyeshadow and white eyeliner, this chunky eyeshadow look combines the subtle with the flamboyant, appearing a clever way to spice up a more monochrome outfit.

Barbie Pink

Looking to add a more feminine touch to your next beauty look? Doja is here to give you all you need in order to do so. With highlight blended high across her cheekbones, rose gold hair and barbie pink acrylics, little balls of fluff are attached to each fingertip as a point of elevation, drawing parallels with her matching attire and juxtaposing her crystal blue jewellery.

Lightning Queen

If pink isn’t your thing, why not try this black and blue number? Laced in subtle chrome sparkles and supplemented with a little polka dot at the edge of the black wing, Doja’s liner has been swept under her waterline and accompanied by a simple, matte base.

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Words by Gracie Eastwood

Header Image: @dojacat


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