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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team It’s Christmas Eve! Here Are Our Festive Film Picks

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

It’s Christmas Eve! Here Are Our Festive Film Picks

We’re certain over the past few weeks, you have been singing along to the Christmas classics and are ready for the Christmas movie marathons to start. We have picked our favourite Christmas movie suggestions for you to have the cosiest Christmas Eve. Our curated list will take the stress out of picking; and believe us, they are so good you will probably watch them all before the year is over with.

Rom Coms- Bridget Jones, Love Actually, The Holiday and Chalet Girl

Our first category is, of course, the rom com. This genre is practically made for Christmas time. Whether you relate to the struggles of Bridget Jones and her journey through life and love. Or maybe you can’t help but invest yourself in the many love stories unfolding in Love Actually. Both films feature heartbreaks, love triangles, relatable characters falling in love and of course, Christmas. These two films are top tier Christmas films and rightly have their seat at the festively set table. You will find yourselves laughing one minute then tearing up the next.

Image Credit: The Holiday

The Holiday, featuring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, is also a great option for your cozy evening of festive films. Two broken hearted singles agree to swap houses (and countries) for the season and fall for local men. A tale of love and romance, perfect for a heartwarming evening. Chalet Girl has everything you need to get into the festive spirit. The snowy scenes will have you booking a flight to the Alps before the movie even ends. Watch as Felecity Jones and Ed Westwick’s characters find their way in this amazing festive romcom.

Classics and Feel Goods – Home Alone, Cool Runnings, Elf, The Grinch and The Christmas Chronicles

Perfect for your inner child. Nostalgic feel goods such as Home Alone and Cool Runnings are sure to put a smile on your face and leave your heart fulfilled. Of course, things don’t start out smoothly in Home Alone and the McCallister family are far from harmonious. However, like all Christmas films we see the family reunite after an hour and a half of comedic problems and issues. Rooting for the underdog is always a good idea and even better when they succeed. What screams Christmas more than a Jamaican bobsleigh team? We certainly don’t have another answer.

Elf, a family favourite, is bound to get anyone watching in the mood for the big day. If you didn’t believe in Santa before watching Elf, this brilliantly casted and hilarious film will have you second guessing. The Grinch will of course make you appreciate the joys of Christmas and festive cheer as you watch the heartless outcast understand the true meanings of the holiday. Christmas Chronicles, which is set on the night before Christmas and therefore, super fitting for viewing on Christmas Eve couldn’t be a better choice. It will have you invested from the start and leave you with a warm glowing feeling afterwards. So even if the eggnog is off the cards, you will feel lit up from the inside.

Non-Christmassy Series- Sex and the City, Emily in Paris, Fleabag and Love Life

Sometimes we don’t need a Christmas related film to experience the feelings we crave around this time. The festive season is a great time to start binging your favourite shows and have wonderful feelings of comfort and nostalgia. After all you do have a Winter of binge potential. Sex and the City, which can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video is perfect for reliving the early 2000s and keep you entertained for the whole Winter.

Newer series which we think will have you hooked this Christmas are Emily in Paris and Fleabag. If you have not seen Emily in Paris yet, get streaming the first two seasons before the third season drops just in time for Christmas- December 21st. This will have you in a whirlwind of fashion, love and friendship. Fleabag is a feminist masterpiece which will have you laughing and crying for days. Sounds up your street? This show will give you everything you want and more, trust us.

Another series to get stuck into is Love Life. This series captures the essence of modern dating and love, which we think is super relatable. Starring Anna Kendrick, the first season follows her character trying to navigate through her 20s with work, friendship and love. We think this is a perfect series to invest yourself in for the Wintery nights, and in classic romantic comedy style will have you laughing for days.

Image Credit: Love Life

Words By: Erin Wilson

Header Image: Snoop Dog Gif at Mariah Carey


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