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3 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team It’s All In The Detail – Coachella Weekend 2 Has It All

3 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

It’s All In The Detail – Coachella Weekend 2 Has It All

Coachella is not only one of the biggest music events of the calendar year it’s also become one of the biggest fashion events too. With the festival taking place across several weekends in the desert it has a unique vibe compared to most other festivals and that is reflected in the fashion too, with bohemian chic and flower crowns being prime parts of the festival’s sense of style. With the festival’s second weekend having just passed we thought we would run down some of the best looks from the past two days… and give ourselves some major FOMO in the process!

Vanessa Hudgens

Photo Credit: Vanessa Hudgens Instagram

Actress Vanessa Hudgens rocked up to the festival in a long green coat with fur sleeves, a jewelled bralette and a pair of classic baggy denim jeans with a cute butterfly embroidered on them. The butterfly patch adds cute and playful energy to the outfit, which is perfect for Coachella’s kind of festival.


Photo Credit: Carina Instagram

Jewels were all over Carina’s Coachella get-up, with the most prominent being on her dazzling, layered necklace. Foregoing subtlety and instead being loud and proud, the necklace sat atop Carina’s chest and added some serious shine to her already shimmering outfit. Go big or go home, right?

Leonie Hanne

Photo Credit: Leonie Hanne Instagram

Jewellery isn’t just for wearing on the body as Leonie Hanne fabulously demonstrated with some dreamy face jewellery. Whilst the influencer did wear some chained earrings and a huge necklace, it was the facial studs which commanded the most attention as they were dotted around both her eyes and served as a complement to the golden eyeshadow she was also wearing.

Paris Hilton

Photo Credit: Paris hilton Instagram

It can be hard to stand out at Coachella due to the sheer amount of versatile and crazy outfits on display so how does one ensure they’re noticed? Head-to-toe neon of course which Paris Hilton executed flawlessly. The neon pink body harness was playful and no doubt cool in the scorching desert heat and was paired with a reflective bralette and necklace for extra noticeability.

City Girls

Photo Credit: City Girls Instagram

Similarly, hip hop duo City Girls also went for a fully pink wardrobe this weekend with a particularly notable part of their outfits being their boots. The thigh-high boots were loud and proud in a bubblegum-tinged pink which set the duo apart from the rest of their backing dancers, all of whom were wearing glossy white boots.

Leonie Hanne

Photo Credit: Leonie Hanne Instagram

Leonie wasn’t content with all that jewellery either as she sported even more for another of her outfits. Whilst the whole outfit dazzled, the huge, dangling earrings were of particular note with this look. Designed to look like butterflies, the intricate and beautifully designed earrings added another layer of character to this outfit.


Photo Credit: Lizzo Instagram

Accessories can often make or break an entire outfit and in Lizzo’s case, they definitely made it. Ditching the standard flower crown Lizzo instead wore some cute heart-shaped clips in her hair for a unique spin on the festival’s go-to headgear. In addition to this, she also dressed her nails up to the nines, with the uber-long extensions shining in a metallic pink which matched her trousers and being fitted with countless studs to match her also studded top.

Teyana Taylor

Photo Credit: Teyana Taylor Instagram

Heading to a festival in the desert without sunglasses would be like walking out into a rainstorm without an umbrella. Luckily Teyana Taylor was well equipped, wearing a pair of cool rounded shades in a dark red which exuded a true bohemian vibe. Also adding to that vibe was her body chain which was subtle but noticeable enough to add some extra colour and texture to her outfit.

Vanessa Morgan

Photo Credit: Vanessa Morgan Instagram

Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan sported a black open top with jewelled chains strapping across her chest and keeping both sides of the top together. The top was chic and perfect for the undoubtedly scorching heat in the desert and was a subtle way of adding jewellery to an outfit without going to the obvious examples.

Teyana Taylor

Photo Credit: Teyana Taylor Instagram

Teyana went for a completely different vibe for her other outfit of the weekend, with this one feeling distinctly edgier. The singer wore a matching pair of black short shorts and a tube top each fitted with a stunning number of jewels and accessories which added a distinct amount of bling to the outfit. The singer also added a glamorous, sheer-lined coat to the outfit throughout the day which added back some of that bohemian charm from her previous look.

Words By Andrew Coyle


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