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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Is Classic Cool Again? Why Ray-Bans Never Go Out Of Style

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Is Classic Cool Again? Why Ray-Bans Never Go Out Of Style

Fashion trends come and go, but some accessories remain timeless through the decades. Perhaps no brand exemplifies this better than eyewear giant Ray-Ban. https://www.ray-ban.com/uk/prescription-sunglasses/ whether you’re on vacation or simply running errands in the city, sporting a pair of Ray-Ban sunnies adds a classic, sophisticated flair to your outfit. Ray-Ban’s sustained appeal can be attributed to its design philosophy: manufacture eyewear that offers vision protection while elevating your overall aesthetic.  


Reuters article reported that EssilorLuxottica, the luxury eyewear maker that produces Ray-Ban’s iconic sunnies, saw a 9.4% rise in revenue in the final quarter of 2022 with solid sales growth in the United Kingdom. The continuing popularity of Ray-Ban’s sunnies comes as no surprise, especially as the company continues to innovate and grow. But how did the luxury eyewear brand start, and what makes its pieces such enduring classics? 

A Brief History Of Ray-Ban


The roots of these iconic sunglasses can be traced back to 1936 when medical equipment manufacturer Bausch & Lomb was approached by the United States Army Air Corps to produce eyewear that could protect pilots from the sun’s glare and boost their performance during flights. This gave birth to the Aviator style, one of Ray-Ban’s most popular and timeless models. Ray-Ban was born when Bausch & Lomb patented the design in 1937. Its brand name, a combination of the words ‘ray’ and ‘ban’, signifies its function in banning the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating the eyes. In 1999, the Luxottica group acquired Ray-Ban.


Today, the brand continues to grow and expand. Ray-Ban’s enduring popularity can be seen in the success of Tom Cruise’s 2022 film Top Gun Maverick, which led to a significant increase in sales of Ray-Ban Aviators — the same model that the movie’s Lieutenant Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell wore — in the UK. This sustained appeal, largely thanks to the brand’s classic designs and quality manufacturing, signifies that Ray-Ban will never go out of style anytime soon.


Where Fashion Meets Function


While some sunglasses may be fashionable, they do not always cater to specific needs. This is especially true since some sunnies on the market have no ultraviolet protection or can’t be fitted with prescription lenses, which are helpful for those who need vision correction. Luckily, Ray-Ban’s range of prescription sunglasses is able to bring together fashion and function.


By simply uploading your prescription to the company’s site when placing an order, you can get the classic Clubmaster or Wayfarer models with polarised prescription lenses to help block harmful light while aiding your eyesight. This is particularly useful for a wide range of audiences that have diverse vision needs and problems, and the brand’s timeless designs allow even fashion enthusiasts the option to look good while protecting their eyes. 

Groundbreaking Innovations


Ray-Ban is no stranger to groundbreaking innovations. As mentioned in our previous article on Ray-Ban Stories, the luxury brand’s collaboration with the social media platform Facebook paved the way for the introduction of its first generation of smart sunglasses. With the classic Ray-Ban design that incorporates smart wearable technology, you can take pictures, record videos, listen to music, and even take a phone call. Each pair comes with a portable USB charging device designed like a regular sunglasses case. 

Aside from Ray-Ban Stories, the brand also recently collaborated with Facebook’s parent company, tech giant Meta, to create the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses with the same general design but with much-improved cameras and audio. With this new iteration, you can live stream to Facebook or Instagram and even engage with Meta AI, a conversational assistant, by simply saying ‘Hey Meta.’ These ventures prove that Ray-Ban is committed to providing game-changing eyewear solutions to a wide range of demographics. 

Today, Ray-Ban continues to break barriers through innovative designs that push the boundaries of the eyewear industry. Staying true to their function-first roots, Ray-Ban sunnies easily cater to various vision needs — whether it’s protection or prescription — while keeping their classic, luxurious charm. 

Written By Voir Editorial Team


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