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Introducing Olivia Oblanc: Bringing Inclusive Streetwear to Gen Z Fashion

Olivia Oblanc, @oliviaoblanc instagram, Adidas Original

The Oblanc brand, founded in 2017, has gained recognition with its modern approach addressing sustainability and gender fluidity. By repurposing materials (particularly denim) Oblanc opts for a visible reduction in waste. She sources second-hand denim and produces something entirely unique. With an experimental approach, her denim wear is bold and is a must for those who dare to be different.

Based in New York, there is a strong urban inspiration around every corner, which seems to largely inform her utilitarian aesthetic. Talking to Vogue Italia, Oblanc describes how her brand is a combination of “streetwear with high-end well-made clothing that will last’. Not only do they last, but they are often interchangeable, encouraging personal experimentation with styling. Unlike those onetime wonder outfits which are currently collecting dust in our wardrobes, an interchangeable Oblanc garment could be our daily go-to.

Olivia Oblanc, @oliviaoblanc instagram

The designer tells Dazed how her “traditional workwear materials and silhouettes [are] recalibrated to create new age utilitarianism in fashion”. Creating garments that are bursting with details; plenty of pockets, trendy zippers, and statement straps, Oblanc merges functionality with style. Her garments show how the Oblanc style is suitable for an inclusive market and is something that we could all pull off.

Olivia Oblanc, @oliviaoblanc instagram

Functionality and style go hand in hand with the face masks that Oblanc has recently been working on. Her Instagram page shares how you can seamlessly pair one of her masks with other Oblanc garments as an accessory. Paired with a halter neck denim jumpsuit that is slit and tied red boots, and a chain necklace, Oblanc’s blue checked mask matches perfectly with her streetwear aesthetic.

Olivia Oblanc, Kendall Jenner, Adidas Collection

Oblanc is gaining recognition amongst the celebrity crowd. Following the 2018 Adidas Originals by Olivia Oblanc collection which collaborated with Kendall Jenner, the supermodel seems to be a fan of the designer’s work. On the brand's Instagram page, Kendall can be spotted rocking a pair of Oblancs ‘Unisex Double Front Frayed Jeans’ which can also be found on the designer’s online website. With front zippers at both the front and back and frayed sides, these jeans will undoubtedly grab some attention. Despite her celebrity following, the designer hopes that her brand will be accessible to all telling Vogue Italia how “[she] wants to have customers from thirteen [to] eighty-year-olds. My goal is to have the broadest range of customers”. With a strong foundation encompassing sustainability and inclusivity, Oblanc is making a mark in the Fashion Industry that is both current and timeless. With its success over the last 3 years since launching, we are excited to see the fresh ideas that Oblanc has in store for us. Words by Brooke Savino

Graphics by Georgia Walters

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