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1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team Introducing Lena Mahfouf: The Rising Star of Fashion

1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Introducing Lena Mahfouf: The Rising Star of Fashion

The young Parisian is now playing in the big league. You have probably seen her on the red carpet of the MET gala this weekend which granted her to be the first French influencer to ever attend the event. 

In France, her name is on everyone’s lips and every billboard in the French capital. But the 24-year-old is gradually starting to be recognized internationally. Over the last years, Lena Mahfouf also known as Lena Situations, has brought her distinct sense of style to the forefront. 

She reached such a level of success with her inspiring looks, that she is invited to every fashion week. The greatest designers have taken notice as well and collaborated with her on various campaigns, including Valentino and Prada to name a few. 

Proud of her Algerian heritage, she advocates for asserting diversity and hopes to inspire the upcoming generation. And guess what? She has a Barbie of her own! 

Lena’s ascension is quite impressive! Starting by making Youtube videos in her room in 2017, she is now ranked in Forbes 30 under 30 France in the Cinema and Entertainment category. She embodies the hustling woman and motivates her fans to believe in their dreams, on her socials but also in her recently-released book “ +=+”. 

Yet, her journey began in a very innocuous way. She’s held many roles and job titles while she was a student. Throughout it all, she’s never shied away from being her true self and wearing outfits that made her stand out from the crowd.

The designers whose shows she frequents are friends, colleagues, and fellow artists whose creations have found their way into her wardrobe making her style very resourceful. Therefore, she approaches her font row appearances thoughtfully, finding ways to merge her distinctive look with the mood of each brand. 

Her love for fashion began as a child. She hails fashion as an expression of her inner self. There’s no denying that she’s made an impact in the fashion world. Lena Mahfouf has ventured into several fashion-related projects throughout her career, which has just begun, and has featured on the cover of the most well-known magazines, such as l’Officiel.  

On the occasion of notorious events, she has worn an eclectic range of custom-made outfits. The young influencer has flaunted numerous compelling looks, which sum up her sense of style as colorful, sophisticated, and daring.

All Casual

 Lena masters casual looks with ease as we can see here with a white floral and embroidered crop top harmoniously paired with Levis 501-inspired high-waisted jeans, brightened up with delicate silver jewelry. 

Bright Colours

Daring to mix exuberant colours is Lena’s motto when it comes to her outfits. Here for Maison Valentino, she went for a tailored look with a bright yellow shirt topped with a long purple suit jacket accentuated with a marine green handbag from the fashion house. Something resolutely flashy reminiscent of 70’s chic.

Bold Red Vinyl

Lena scores in this Balmain skin-tight, asymmetrical, long-sleeved red dress for The Daily Front Row Awards, styled by Mikiel Benyamin. The young influencer keeps it simple, only wearing a pair of black sunglasses and some red lipstick, reinforcing this Rock’n’roll vibe.

Coco Chella

Her Coachella’s outfit is inspired by Chanel 90’s look and pays a tribute to the timeless tweed tailleur while giving vintage energy. Smoothly implemented and styled by Kamad Paris. We also love the little butterflies adorning her hair which gives a romantic aspect to the look!

Yellow Glam

For her birthday party, Lena opted for a yellow dress by French designer Dylan Parienty. The look is inspired by Rihanna’s iconic dress by Guo Pei worn for the MET gala 2015, revisited with feathers and silver rhinestones. 

In The Stars

 At Paco Rabanne’s runway during Paris Fashion Week. Lena’s high ponytail gives us Ariana Grande’s vibes. Mingled with a Transparent dress interspersed with stars figures, accessorized with a black clutch, oversized suit jacket, and low rise black boots. 

Hello New York

For Carolina Herera’s runway in New York, Lena is giving us a sophisticated “all black everything” look with black sunglasses, a bold red lipstick, and a black aviator jacket elegantly worn on her shoulders, contrasted with Fushia gloves. 

Cowboy Inspired

For her third Coachella outfit, Lena never ceases to amaze with this asymmetrical maxi dress heavenly mixed with black and white santiags to face the desert. Simple but efficient. 

Fluffy Chic

Lena manages to be elegant in every situation, even on the New York subway!  Black sunglasses and stilettos are her favourite go-to accessories, incorporated into each of her looks. Here combined with this rounded black and white fluffy dress, giving a sophisticated finishing touch.

Words by Mélodie Bitala-Samba

Featured Image Gerasim Kutsarov


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