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How to Style Necklaces in Lockdown 2.0 for Your Daily Zoom Calls

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Lockdown 2.0 is starting to feel all the more familiar. The faint smell of banana bread lingers through the air, our Zoom accounts have been reactivated and our work-from-home jogging bottoms are back in rotation. After experiencing a glimpse of normality over Autumn time, we refuse to revert to our old ways. Re-discovering our closets after the first Lockdown was a joyous occasion but just because we are putting away our fancier going-out clothes for the next few weeks, doesn't mean we have to compromise on everything. No more refusing to put our cameras on during work meetings or cringing when we see our reflection in the tiny box at the bottom of the laptop screen.

This time around, experimenting with jewellery is a quick and easy way to feel a little more put together without needing to rock a cocktail dress in the living-room. Here is your easy guide to styling necklaces in Lockdown #2 which will convince friends and co-workers alike that you have your stuff together this month. (Spoiler: none of us do.)

Start Simple

Sometimes the simplest pieces are the most powerful.

Initially, layering necklaces may seem daunting but it needn’t be overwhelming. Start with delicate pieces like a dainty chain or a single pendant. Just like styling clothes, there are some universal basics that everyone should have in their collection; a classic rope chain is a timeless piece and a great starting point for layering beginners.

When scrolling through the Missoma website, you may have to fight the urge to put everything in your shopping basket all at once but the Gold Catena Chain is a nice place to start and can also be jazzed up later by adding a personalised charm or a pendant.

Create Space

A layered look should feel effortlessly stylish and nothing ruins the vibe more than a mess of twisted, tangled chains. When creating a layering masterpiece, make sure all your chosen necklaces have enough space between them and adjust the lengths where needed. Perhaps, try a longer chain or a modern choker to add dimension and variety.

Still in a twist? The Orelia Layered Necklace Separator is an ingenious little tool designed to keep chains tangle-free.

How to Layer Necklaces Like a PRO, Ana Molina

Picking Pendants

Selecting pendants offers a great opportunity to showcase your personality.

Wearing a unique pendant is sure to be a conversation starter in weekly zoom meetings. Why not celebrate the female form with the Daisy Vita necklace or dive into their Isla collection for stunning sea-inspired treasures like the Large Shell Necklace.

Meaningful pendants make beautiful Christmas gifts or, a well-deserved treat after surviving yet another 4 weeks in isolation. Mejuri's Boyfriend Necklace something simple but very meaningful, with a thin gold chain and gold pendant, it's a perfect necklace for layering.

When it comes to selecting jewels and pendants, size matters. Make sure to mix and match both small and larger pendants on different chains for a fun and novel look.

Trust the Experts

After all, they do know what they are on about. The experts at Missoma have developed a fool-proof formula for layering and styling necklaces. They say to start with a base chain, then contrast with texture and finally add a third that creates focus with length. The Missoma Layering Lab is an interactive try-before-you-buy simulator where customers can experiment with different styles and combinations before committing to a purchase – a great spot for anyone practicing to become a layering guru.

Ruth Bewsey, Creative Director of Daisy Jewellery says, “when styling same metal necklaces, start with your smallest pendant on the shortest length that feels comfortable. Wear the bigger necklace on the longest length.”

5 Jewellery Tips every girl should know, Dearly Bethany

Buy an All-in-One Piece

If you are still feeling a little overwhelmed, then take all the stress out of layering all together by purchasing a multi-chain necklace. These pre-layered savors require little effort and are widely available at affordable prices.

Words by Yasmin Norvill

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